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From Marble Hill to Tribeca, we produce videos that highlight NYC

When you think NYC business, you think tall buildings, a sea of suits hurrying across streets, and fast-paced lifestyles. The city that never sleeps is home to innovators, go-getters, and quick thinkers. At TOP, our talented team of directors, producers, and cinematographers are constantly working hard to tell the stories of New York City’s modern day companies in captivating and innovative ways. If you need a corporate commercial, a short video for social media, or a broadcast commercial, our specialists know exactly how to tell stories that resonate with audiences and drive goals. Being apart of an extensive agency network, our video team connects video with distribution models to ensure maximum exposure of each piece of content.

  • – Full-service video content
    – Video that drives traffic and lead capture
    – Viral video creation
    – Live streaming video
    – Event video production
    – YouTube optimized video
    – Explainer videos
    – Documentary-style brand storytelling

A booming financial district set on an island filled with massive shiny buildings and one-of-a-kind parks, there’s really no other place quite like The Big Apple. Rich history, friendly people, and great food provide excellent opportunities for storytelling at every turn. Our team of local experts have produced video content all over the city, allowing us to create New York City video with global appeal.

From global enterprises to fresh startups and identifiable big brands to local service providers — we have extensive experience working with New York City companies at every scale.

Our video team does everything that you’d need, including producing, scripting, shooting, editing, and mastering. From the outside looking in, it may seem simple, but in order to produce quality video that tells a good story and engages our audience on an emotional level takes years of experience and skill. That’s why we’ve created cross-channel storytelling — a technique that allows your video to completely integrate with the message you’re communicating in other marketing channels. If you want to create YouTube pre-roll that provides audience awareness while simultaneously driving to sale on a Facebook ad meant solely for those who watched the entire thing, we’ve got you. Our team has done it before and we’ll do it again. Here at TOP, we’re more than just creative, but we’re also strategic.

It’s extremely important to make sure your video has a specific audience so we always backward engineer any project by lining up a goal with an audience prior to applying our local video knowledge in order to create video that resonates. Video thats not going to be seen isn’t worth producing, so we have complete distribution capabilities including digital distribution, media buying, media planning, and organic viral marketing.

We connect you with your NYC audience

By utilizing our in-house NYC research teams, we're able to establish target audiences before we craft essential video messaging that breaks through the competition.Out videos stay with audiences because they're made specifically for them.

We tell New York City's stories

The content we create is the content NYC is demanding to see. By giving them what they're waiting for we engage the viewer and drive conversions. Stories are a powerful way to trigger action, so we test and optimize our videos to ensure the stories we're telling are simple, surprising, and significant — the key to virality.

We make sure NYC is seeing your video

By utilizing our media planning and buying divisions — as well as an extensive network of influencers and journalists — we're able to create broader video distributions. We're even able to optimize your video for SEO, helping it find its organic NYC audience on social media.

We boost your NYC brand

All of the videos we make drive a message, so we make sure we take the time to clearly understand your business and the unique opportunities it comes with in order to create bespoke messages that resonate with our NYC audience.

Our creativity was born in New York City

We love our New York City video clients

New York City leads the way when it comes to finance, culture, fashion, and trade, it’s no doubt one of the most interesting and unique cities the world has to offer. In a fast-paced environment with globally successful companies — especially if you find yourself within Wall Street, the Garment District, and Lincoln Square — it’s not easy to stand out. That’s where TOP comes in. Our custom scalable content ensures that your brand is seen.

The only thing we can not do when it comes to New York City video production is create cookie-cutter video content for every individual business. Each business is as unique as the people who keep it running, and since our roots stem from brand strategy, we generate custom videos that meet every company’s unique challenges and opportunities. We’ve made video content long enough to understand first-hand what works and what doesn’t

If you want to modify your video into various pieces of content in multiple formats all across a wide range of channels and platforms, we’ve deployed our Test> Optimize> Perform methodology in order to create what we call “stackable content” — an innovative and daring way to create content that is more efficient, effective, and scalable. Now video can be apart of daily marketing efforts rather than just when it’s affordable for the company.

Why hire a New York City video production company?

One of the many benefits that comes from working with an NYC video production company is that we’re able to take care of all necessary creative and technical details in order to ensure your videos connect with local and global markets. Hiring a professional with years of experience — or even one that studied or worked at NYU or Columbia — is an easy and hands-free way to continuously lead customers to your business.

Since we get to work in The Big Apple everyday, you can find us getting B-roll in Central Park or shooting cutaways near Riverside Park. Our video team has also beautifully executed creative work from SXSW to Cannes.

Where can I shoot amazing video in New York City?

A huge benefit of hiring a New York City video agency is our in-depth knowledge of key locations. From High Line Park, to in front of Eataly Flatiron, to NoMo SoHo — as well Brooklyn Bridge half an hour before sunrise when the crowds are minimal but the beauty is evident — we know our city and just how to shoot it. We’ve also worked in major corporate venues like the Javits Center, the Grand Hyatt hotel, and major corporate campuses. We can bring out the story from any location.

How can I stand out from New York City competitors and beyond?

If you need to drive awareness for your next big project, or if people are searching for the products you provide but want a better understanding of what you do, TOP is a New York City agency that can help you better understand the direction your video content needs to go and how it compares to what your competitors have released. Our video projects begin with a thorough review of competitor video in order to locate the white space that will help us glide ahead of all competitor. From the Financial District to the Upper East Side, we apply a data-driven approach to structured creativity, pushing for authentic and innovative solutions with each and every project.

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