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From Marble Hill to Tribeca, we produce videos that highlight NYC

New york City is the epicenter of American business. It is home to some of the world’s most impactful and innovative companies and filled with go-getters, quick thinkers, and influential executives.  At TOP, our talented team of directors, producers, and cinematographers are constantly working hard to tell the stories of New York City’s modern day companies in captivating and innovative ways. Our team of local video production experts have produced video content all over the city, allowing us to create New York City video with global appeal.

  • Viral video creation
  • Video editing
  • Live streaming video
  • Event video production
  • YouTube optimized video

Our full service video production experts can create digital and broadcast commercials, short video for social media, corporate assets, explainer videos and documentary-style brand storytelling. Our video production specialists know exactly how to tell stories that resonate with audiences and drive goals.

Our video production team capabilities include producing, scripting, shooting, editing, and mastering. We utilize cross-channel storytelling — a technique that allows your video to completely integrate with the message you’re communicating in other marketing channels. Our video production always reverse engineers any project by aligning your goals with your desired audience prior to applying our local video knowledge in order to create video that resonates. Being apart of an extensive agency network, our video production team connects video with distribution models to ensure maximum exposure of each piece of content.

Our creativity was born in New York City

We love our New York City video clients

New York City leads the world when it comes to finance, culture, fashion, and trade, it’s no doubt one of the most interesting and unique cities the world has to offer. In a fast-paced environment with globally successful companies it’s not easy to stand out. That’s where TOP comes in. As the top NYC Video Production consultants we pride ourselves on creating scalable content ensures that your brand is seen. As Frank once said “if you can make it there you can make it anywhere.”

Each business is as unique as the people who keep it running so you’ll never see a cookie cutter video from us. Our roots stem from brand strategy so we generate custom videos that meet every company’s unique challenges and opportunities. We’ve made video content long enough to understand first-hand what works and what doesn’t

If you want to modify your video into various pieces of content in multiple formats all across a wide range of channels and platforms, we’ve deployed our Test> Optimize> Perform methodology in order to create what we call “stackable content.” It’s an innovative and daring way to create content that is more efficient, effective, and scalable. Now video can be part of daily marketing efforts rather than just when it’s affordable for the company.

Why Hire a New York City Video Production Company?

One of the many benefits that comes from working with an NYC video production company is that we’re able to take care of all necessary creative and technical details in order to ensure your videos connect with local and global markets. Hiring a video production professional with years of experience — or even one that studied or worked at NYU or Columbia — is an easy and hands-free way to continuously lead customers to your business.

Since we get to work in The Big Apple everyday, you can find our video production team getting B-roll in Central Park or shooting cutaways near Riverside Park. Our video production experts have executed beautifully creative work from SXSW to Cannes.

Video Production for New York City Companies

A huge benefit of hiring a New York City video production agency is our in-depth knowledge of the NYC business landscape. We understand your competition and the ways to find the white space where your brand’s messaging can thrive. Our video production team partners with our strategists and writers to create visually stimulating content that connects with your audience on an emotional level.

A Video Production Agency That Lives in New York City

Your NYC video production agency had better understand NYC. We live and work in the five boroughs and have our finger on the pulse of what makes it tick. Because when you’re looking to tell New York stories, you’d be better off hiring a New Yorker. Let’s have a chat about how TOP can help you bring your New York video production dreams to life.

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