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Every story deserves video

From major tech companies on Miami Beach to art houses in Brickell, we produce videos that help Miami companies scale

One of the most innovative and eclectic cities in the entire world, Miami is a hub for those who think way, way outside of the box. At TOP, we employ that same practice of doing things differently when sourcing for new stories to tell for Miami’s best companies in new, compelling ways. Our directors, producers and cinematographers have experience creating broadcast commercials, short-form digital cutdowns, and large-scale corporate videos, all of which ladder back to target audiences and established goals.

  • Viral video creation
  • Video editing
  • Live streaming video
  • Event video production
  • YouTube optimized video

Telling a good story that engages audiences on an emotional level takes skill and experience across all stages of the video production process: scripting, shooting, editing, and mastering. We use a cross-channel method of storytelling that allows  that piece of video content to integrate with your marketing messages across other channels.

We leverage our complete distribution capabilities in media planning, media buying, digital distribution, and organic viral marketing to ensure that the content we’ve created will align with audience goals and draw connections. From major enterprises to small-stage startups, we have experience working with Miami companies at any size and scale.

We find the optimal audience

What do Golden Girls, Miami Vice, Dexter, and Burn Notice have in common? One, they're all set in Miami, but they also knew their audiences so explicitly that they were able to establish their targets and craft the story in their favor. We do the same using our in-house research teams.

We find noteworthy stories

Miami has so many stories to unfold. Across South Beach, down to Key Biscayne, and moving inland, there's so much to cover. Stories trigger action, and that action allows us to meet key goals. The best stories are simple, surprising, and significant — and they have the capacity to go viral.

We get your video to be seen

Our media planners and buyers, as well as our extensive influencer network, create broader video distributions across all channels. Want to go viral on Facebook or Twitter while having a segment on WPLG, NBC 6, or WSVN? Consider it done.

We drive brand awareness

With every video, there's a message. And every message requires an audience to hear it. We pull out what makes your business unique and craft a message that will resonate with your target audience.

Our creativity was born in Miami

We love our Miami video clients

At the crossroads of pop culture, ethnicity, and innovation lies Miami. It’s one of the most interesting and complex cities in the world. With major companies calling it home or laying down roots in nearby locations like Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Palm Beach, it isn’t always easy to stand out. TOP creates custom content that makes sure your value is noticed and content is created around that value — to scale.

This method doesn’t involve production of cookie-cutter videos for every business, because every business has unique challenges and opportunities. Our bread-and-butter is brand strategy, so our internal team determines what makes your business unique for creating video content around.

Want to give your initial video longer legs, spanning multiple formats, channels, and platforms? Our Test, Optimize, Perform methodology allowed us to create “stackable content”, which scales efficiency and effectiveness across larger content efforts. Now, you can use video in regular, every day marketing rather than “once in a while”.

Why hire a Miami video production company?

A Miami video production company takes care of the necessary creative and technical details that make your video shine. Hiring a professional with hands-on experience ensures that your videos connect to your audience through distribution methods, driving customers to your business again and again.

You’ll find us capturing B-roll on Ocean Avenue or shooting cutaways at Wynwood Walls to leverage local hotspots, but our team based in Miami has also executed creative work across SXSW and Cannes.

Video Production for Miami Companies

Miami natives know Miami best, and our extensive knowledge of the landscape — physical and business — help us create some of the best videos for our clients. We know your competition and the audiences you’re looking to reach. We locate the white space in the competition’s messaging and find a way to make it your own and we leverage what your competitors have done and we do it better. By conducting a thorough competitive analysis, we use data-driven insights to structure our creative efforts in new, innovative ways. Reaching your audience in a way no one else can lay claim to.

A Video Production Agency That Lives in Miami

From Coconut Grove to Buena Vista, all the way down to Kendall and Homestead, we’re a Miami-based company that knows Miami. Whether you’re looking to drive awareness for your next campaign or create better understanding of your unique product offerings who better to provide video production that captures Miami than a Miami-based video production agency?

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