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From the Fashion District to the Valley, we produce videos that make Los Angeles soar

Still one of the most popular cities in the world, the people who flock to Los Angeles are the people who are dreamers, go-getters, and innovators with the drive to persevere in a crowded city. At TOP, our team of directors, producers, and cinematographers are constantly working to tell the stories that Los Angeles’ modern companies in authentic and captivating ways. If you need a short video for social media, a broadcast commercial, or corporate video, our specialists know exactly how to tell stories that connect with audiences and drive goals. Since our video team is apart of an extensive agency network, we’re able to line up video with distribution models and ensure maximum exposure for all content.

  • – Full-service video content
    – Video that drives traffic and lead capture
    – Viral video creation
    – Live streaming video
    – Event video production
    – YouTube optimized video
    – Explainer videos
    – Documentary-style brand storytelling

A developed tech and entertainment industry accompanied by a Mediterranean climate and towering palm trees, Los Angeles is truly a one of a kind beautiful. The ideal backdrop for all your video needs, Los Angeles has an air that helps it effortlessly tell any story. Our team of local experts have produced content all around the city, allowing us to create L.A. video with global texture.

We have substantial experience working with Los Angeles companies at every scale — from global enterprises to almost-known startups to recognizable big brands to local service providers.

Our video expertise includes producing, scripting, shooting, editing, and mastering. From the outside looking in, it seems fairly straightforward, but to tell a good and quality story that captivates our audience on an emotional level takes years of experience and practiced skill. This is why we’ve created cross-channel storytelling — a technique allowing your video to completely integrate with the message your communicating in other marketing channels. If you want YouTube pre-roll video that provides audience awareness, while simultaneously driving to sale on a Facebook ad targeted towards those who watched the full thing, we’ve done exactly that multiple times before, and we can do it again. Not only is TOP creative, but we’re prudent.

It’s extremely important to produce video for a specific audience, so we prefer to backward engineer our projects by lining up our goals with an audience before applying our local video knowledge  to create video that resonates. Video that isn’t going to be seen isn’t worth producing, so we have full distribution capabilities, including media planning, media buying, digital distribution, and organic viral marketing.

We locate your Los Angeles audience

Taking a page from the many Los Angeles entertainment companies, we utilize our in-house research teams in order to establish target audiences and craft key messages that breaks through the noise. Our videos stick with audiences because they're made specifically for them.

We tell the stories of Los Angeles

We create the content Los Angeles is demanding to hear, therefore engaging the viewer and driving conversions. Since stories are a powerful vehicle to trigger action, we test and optimize our videos in order to ensure we're telling stories that are simple, surprising, and significant — the recipe to virality. 

We make your brand more seen than a Dodger's baseball hat

By utilizing our media planning and buying divisions — as well as our extensive network of influencers and journalists — we're able to create broader video distributions. We can even optimize your video for SEO and help it find an organic audience on social media. 

We make sure all of L.A. knows your brand

If L.A. knows about it, the world knows about it. All of our videos drive a message, so we make sure to take the time to truly understand you business and your unique opportunities to craft a bespoke message that sticks with audiences enough that they tell everyone they know about your brand.

Our creativity was born in Los Angeles

We love our Los Angeles video clients

The city of angels is the headquarters of entertainment, technology, and sciences — along with some of the most artistically expressive people you’ll meet — making L.A. truly one of the most unique cities in the world. In a town with many world-class companies — as well as a few more in Studio City, Calabasas, Echo Park, and the Arts District — it’s not easy to stand out when absolutely no one blends in. That’s where TOP comes in. We create custom scalable content to ensure that your brand gets seen.

The sole thing we’re absolutely unable to do when it comes to Los Angeles video production is use cookie-cutter ready-made videos for every business. Each business is unique and since we have our roots in brand strategy, we our videos are custom made to meet every company’s unique challenges and opportunities. We’ve been making video long enough to know what works and what flops.

If you wish to modify your video into various pieces of content in different formats all across a wide range of channels and platforms, we’ve deployed our Test> Optimize> Perform methodology in order to create “stackable content” — an innovative new way to create content that is highly effective, efficient, and scalable. You can now incorporate video into your everyday marketing efforts rather than solely whenever the budget allows for it.

Why hire a Los Angeles video production company?

One of the many benefits that comes with working with a Los Angeles production company is that we’re able to take care of any technical and creative details in order to make sure your videos connect with local and global markets. Hiring a professional with years of experience — or even one who went to or studied at UCLA or USC — is a hands-free and easy way to continuously lead customers to your business.

Working in LA means that we get the opportunity to capture B-roll on the pier and shoot cutaways at LACMA. Our Los Angeles team has also executed creative work from Sundance to Cannes.

Where can I shoot amazing video in the Los Angeles?

A massive benefit of working with an LA video agency is our personal knowledge of key locations. From Big Bear Lake to Crenshaw, to Downtown to the Valley — and don’t forget about the ducks waiting for their big break at Lake Balboa — we know Los Angeles, and we know how to film it. We also have ample experience within enclosed venues such as the Staple Center, Montage Beverly Hills, and major corporate campuses. We’ve seen and done it all, we can bring out the story in any location.

How can I stand out from Los Angeles competitors and beyond?

If you need to raise awareness for your next big project, or if people are already searching for the products you offer and need a better understanding of what you do, our Los Angeles agency is able to help you discern the intent of your video content and exactly how it compares to the work of your competitors. Our video projects tend to begin with an in-depth review of competitor video so that we can locate the whitespace that will help us shine. From North Hollywood to the Financial District and all the way to Santa Monica, we take a results-driven approach to structured creativity, paving the way fro new and innovative solutions with each project.

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