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From KC startups to mega-campuses in Overland Park, we make videos that showcase greater Kansas City

Kansas City isn’t just the city of the Chiefs (though locals would argue that’s a major selling point). Home to amazing barbecue, jazz heritage, and lots of beautiful fountains, KC and its surrounding cities also host some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies. TOP and its team of video producers, directors, and cinematographers come together to create video-based stories of some Kansas City’s best companies in new and exciting ways. Whatever the length, the content, or the objective of your video may be, our specialists tell stories that connect with audiences and meet specific goals. Within our larger agency network, our team can align with distribution models across media buying and selling to ensure exposure for your content.

  • – Full-service video content
    – Video that drives traffic and lead capture
    – Viral video creation
    – Live streaming video
    – Event video production
    – YouTube optimized video
    – Explainer videos
    – Documentary-style brand storytelling

A cultural tapestry woven by food, sport, and music makes Kansas City a place like no other. With plenty of surrounding neighborhoods and cities around the epicenter, there is a plethora of opportunity to uncover and tell rich stories. That’s what the team of local experts at TOP does best: Create locally impactful videos with global reach.

Regardless of the size of your company or organization, we help every business — from enterprises to startups to local brick-and-mortars — get their story told.

Across scripting, producing, shooting, editing, and mastering, the team at TOP excels at every step of creating compelling video work. Telling a good story that engages audiences at an emotional level takes skill and experience, so our cross-channel storytelling method allows us to integrate our messaging with those you’re communicating on other marketing channels. From creating pre-roll video for YouTube to compelling social media ads that grow brand awareness, we’re not just a creative partner. We’re a creative partner that helps you scale.

Without an audience, there is no story to tell. With this in mind, we often backward engineer our projects to ensure the message we’re telling ladders back to the audience in mind. Our distribution team across media planning, buying, digital placement, and viral marketers know how to get your video seen.

We locate and speak to an audience

There's an audience for everything. Where Chiefs fans would connect with a heartwarming sports-centric story, there's a barbecue fan excited to learn about the next breakthrough on the food scene in KCMO. Whoever your audience may be, we find where they're at and determine the right story for them.

We weave compelling narratives

Kansas City has contributed so much to local, regional, and national culture. From that, stories of triumph and emotion have can be derived. We know from experience that stories are powerful vehicles that encourage action, so we create content that engages the viewer and ultimately drives conversion.

We ensure your video is seen

We leverage our extensive network of Kansas City-based influencers and journalists at KCTV, WDAF, KSHB, and beyond to create broad distribution, while we internally optimize your video for SEO to help it reach organic audience via social media.

We drive brand exposure

When we understand your audience, those based in KC and abroad, we understand the white space for your brand and determine messaging that can amplify your positioning.

Kansas City born-and-bred creativity

We love our Kansas City video clients

At the crossroads of culture, technology, and history, you’ll find KC. One of the most unique cities in the world, the only thing more plentiful than fountains are world-class companies, both in the city center and in neighboring areas of Overland Park, Summit, Shawnee, Lawrence, and Topeka. That’s a lot of noise all fighting for the same share in voice, so it requires something different to stand out. TOP helps create custom content to ensure scalability and visibility.

The way to break through the noise of others in the industry doesn’t come from cookie-cutter video creations. Because each business is unique and because our roots are based in brand strategy, we know how to leverage your company’s unique opportunities and offerings to create custom content. We know what works and what doesn’t thanks to years of experience.

Another exciting offering we have available to our customers comes in the form of “stackable content”. What does that mean, exactly? By taking your initial piece of content and breaking it into multiple, optimized formats for use across a range of channels and platforms, we can efficiently and effectively scale your content strategy. Video can then be involved in your larger marketing efforts rather than a one-off event.

Why hire a Kansas City video production company?

Beyond knowing the ins-and-outs of the necessary creative and technical details required to connect your videos with your local and global markets, we hire local talent who know KC better than anyone to source the best places, times, and subjects to shoot.

Not only do we work in Kansas City every day (catch us shooting B-roll on the streetcar or interviewing attendees to one of the city’s many museums), but our team regularly executes work at major international festivals like SXSW and Cannes.

Where can I shoot amazing video in the Kansas City area?

Who knows Kansas City better than locals? We have insider knowledge to key shooting locations, from Volker to Power & Light to the perfect time to check out the lights at The Plaza, we understand where and how to shoot the best footage. We also have extensive experience working with major corporate venues like Bartle Hall at the Kansas City Convention Center, finding ways to make each location tell a story.

How can I stand out from Kansas City competitors and beyond?

As an agency based here, we can help you better understand how the intent of your video can translate to both your local audience and those abroad. Whether you’re looking to drive awareness, increase conversions, or cut through the noise of your competition, we find the space to shine. From Crown Center to West Bottoms to Brookeside Park, we take a data-driven approach to creative in order to find new solutions to every project.

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