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We make video for every story.

From the forests of Ballantyne to the business hub of Uptown, the videos we create captures Charlotte.

The headquarters of many of the most authentic and revolutionary companies in the world, Charlotte is an eclectic nest made up of go-getters, creators, and innovators. TOP’s team of directors, producers, and cinematographers continuously work hard in order to tell the authentic stories of Charlotte’s companies in an engaging and informative way. From short social media videos, to corporate videos, to broadcast commercials, our specialists are able to tell stories while connecting with audiences and driving goals. As an extensive agency network, our team lines up videos with distribution models, ensuring maximum exposure for each piece of content.

  • – Full-service video content
    – Video that drives traffic and lead capture
    – Viral video creation
    – Live streaming video
    – Event video production
    – YouTube optimized video
    – Explainer videos
    – Documentary-style brand storytelling

A city specializing in FinTech, health care, and insurance, all with the gorgeous backdrop of Charlotte’s appeal to nature, working in Charlotte is incomparable. Every route in Charlotte is the scenic route, and every change in scenery holds the potential for another story. Our team is filled with local experts who have produced content all over the city, allowing us to create Charlotte video with global consistency.

We possess substantial experience working with Charlotte companies at various scales — from world wide enterprises to fresh startups to popular big brands to local service providers.

When we say video production, this includes producing, shooting, and editing. From an outside-looking-in perspective, it might seem simple, but it take a lot of time, effort, expertise, and skill in order to execute it well and create the quality content your brand craves. This is why we’ve created cross-channel storytelling — a method that gives your video the ability to fully integrate with the message you’re communicating across marketing channels. If you want to create YouTube pre-roll video that provides audience awareness while simultaneously driving to sale a Facebook ad only for those who watched the entire thing, we’ve done it a million times and can do it again. We’re not just creative, we’re tactical.

It’s important to make sure you’re shooting for a specific audience, so we make sure to backward engineer all projects by aligning our goals with an audience and then applying our local video knowledge in order to produce a video that connects with audiences. If the video isn’t going to be seen it isn’t worth producing, so we have absolute distribution capabilities, such as media planning, media buying, digital distribution, and organic viral marketing.

We locate your local Charlotte and global audience

Our in-house Charlotte research teams are able to establish target audiences and then craft key messaging that finds its way through the noise of our competitors. All of our videos stick with audiences because they're created specifically for them. 

We create compelling stories that appeal to your Charlotte audience

The content we create is the content your Charlotte audience is demanding to see. We make your audience feel heard by basing our video content around their desires which engages the viewer and drives conversion. Stories are a powerful way to trigger action, so we test and optimize our video to ensure the stories we're telling are simple, surprising, and significant — the essential ingredients to virality.

We ensure Charlotte sees your video

We have an extensive network of Charlotte sister agencies — along with an extensive network of influencers and journalists — in order to create broader video distributions. We can even optimize your video for SEO and help it find its organic audience on social media.

We broadcast your brand to your Charlotte audience

We make sure we slow down just a moment in order to understand your Charlotte business and your unique opportunities in order to create essential messages to connect and resonate with your audience and drive your message.

Why hire a Charlotte video production company?

One of the many benefits of working with a Charlotte video production company is that we’re able to handle all necessary technical and creative details in order to ensure your videos connect with not only local Charlotte markets but also the global market. Hiring professionals who have years of experience and sharpened skills — or even one who studied or worked at Davidson or UNCC — is an easy way to guarantee that your content will consistently drive customers to your business.

Just because we work in a Charlotte office, doesn’t mean we don’t incorporate the outside world into our content. You can find us getting B-roll at Childress Vineyards and filming cutaways near Fahrenheit. Our team has also executed creative work from SXSW to Cannes.

Where can I shot amazing video in Charlotte?

The most massive benefit of hiring a video agency in Charlotte is our knowledge of key locations. From Steele Creek to Washington Heights to Barclay Downs, we know everything about regional video and exactly how to shoot it. We’re also experienced in working in enclosed venues such as the Charlotte Convention Center, the Ballantyne luxury hotel, and major corporate campuses. We seen it all and done it all, we can tell a story from any location.

How can I stand out from Charlotte competitors and beyond?

Whether you need to drive awareness for your next big project or people are already searching for the products you provide and want to gain a better understanding of what you do, this Charlotte agency is able to help you better understand the direction of your video content and how it hold up in comparison to your competitors. Our video projects usually start with a thorough dive into competitor video in order to find the whitespace that we can utilize to bring your brand to the forefront. From SouthPark to Villa Heights, we find a data-driven approach to structured creativity and continue to push for new and innovative solutions for every project.

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