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Every video has a unique story to tell. 

We make videos across about about what makes Austin brands unique, from the East Side to the Domain.

Austin is more than just a home to some of the most exciting and electric musicians in the country, its a hub for some of the most revolutionary companies in the world. The TOP team of directors, producers, and cinematographers, work are Austin doers and creatives who work hard to tell the stories of the brands that make Austin outstanding. Our video team knows how to tell stories that connect with audiences and reach goals, regardless of the platform (like social media) or the video type (broadcast or corporate). We’re able to take it a step further as our video team doesn’t work in a bubble but as one arm of an extensive agency network able to align videos with distribution models for full exposure.

  • – Full-service video content
    – Video that drives traffic and lead capture
    – Viral video creation
    – Live streaming video
    – Event video production
    – YouTube optimized video
    – Explainer videos
    – Documentary-style brand storytelling

There are so many things that make Austin beautiful. The scenery of the hill country, the history of the city, the art and culture that positively drips from every corner, all contribute to a tapestry unlike anywhere else in the south. This is the visual canvas our videographers use every day to provide an abundance of opportunities for storytelling. We’ve produced content all over this city and have discovered the hidden gems that will make your next video project stand out.

We have worked with small Austin companies, and larger ones — startups to established brands. So we know what it takes to get the job done at any scale.

We’re a full service operation…and then some. We concept, produce, script, shoot, edit, scout, master — you name it, we do it because we know that to tell a good story that engages the audience on a true, emotional level, takes not just skill at pointing a camera, but expertise across the entire video playing field. But we don’t stop there. We believe in cross-channel storytelling — a method fully integrates your video into any and all marketing channels that are relevant. Want to create YouTube pre-roll video that provides audience awareness, while driving to sale on a Facebook ad only for those who watched the whole thing?  We can do it all, soup to nuts. We’re super creative but we’re more than just your creative team.

We reverse engineer a project by aligning a goal with an audience and then applying our local video knowledge to create video that connects. This way we are always using our audience as our north star.  Then we bring our video distribution to bear including media planning, media buying, digital distribution, and even organic viral marketing because if a video is made and no one sees it, what’s the point?

We identify your unique Austin audience

Our in-house research teams establish target audiences that are unique to Austin and then craft key video messaging that reaches them where and how they want to be reached. This approach means our videos resonate because our audiences know it was made specially for them.

Compelling narratives, that drive conversions

Stories are the most powerful vehicles to trigger action, so good storytelling isn't just nice, it's necessary. We create in-demand content that engages the viewer and drives conversion.  Everything we do is tested and optimized to make sure that our stories resonate with an Austin audience and beyond. We're always asking: is it simple? Is it surprising? Is it significant?

We make sure your audience sees your video

Our media planning and buying divisions and our an extensive network of influencers and journalists in Austin and around the globe can be brought to the task of creating broad video distributions. We're even able to optimize your video for SEO so that it can find an organic audience and spread.

We turn you brand up to 11

Amps aren't just found at Hotel Vegas or the Continental Club. We take the time to understand your brand's distinct needs and opportunities so that we create messages that work best for you and will amplify the reach our videos have.

Our creativity is alive and well in Austin

We love our Austin video clients

Austin is the cultural center of the south and the seat of government for the second largest state in the Union. So when we create videos for our Austin clients, they better darn well sing like Willy and shred like Stevie Ray Vaughan. No pressure. It may take a lot to stand out in this crowd. And that’s where we come in. Our custom content makes sure you’re seen and we create this content at scale.

The one thing that will never fly here in Austin is being ordinary. If it isn’t weird, it can go back to Dallas (sorry, we love Dallas too) So you’ll never find a cookie cutter video being created here. Every Austin business is unique and because we have our roots in brand strategy, we create custom videos that meet those unique needs and challenges. Pointing a camera at everything that makes this town so weird and wonderful is what gets us up in the morning, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Now that you’ve got a killer video, what then? We have an answer for that too. We call it stackabale content and it is a way to transform that one initial video into many pieces optimized to work across channels and platforms.  Our TOP methodology is an efficient, effective, and scalable.  Finally, video can be a part of your everyday marketing efforts instead of “only when budget allows” type event.

Why hire an Austin video production company?

Well, aside from tacos and Topo Chico, the benefits of working with an Austin video production company is that we’ll handle all of the creative and technical details to make sure your videos really speak to the Austin market, and beyond if that’s your goal. Hiring right the first time is an easy way to drive customers to your business on an ongoing basis.

If you’re curious, you can usually find us shooting B-roll by town lake or capturing Austin’s soul on the east side.

Where can I shoot amazing video in Austin?

Name it and we’ll shoot it. There are so many amazing places to create videos in this area that you’d be hard to find a spot that wasn’t perfect for your video project. Zilker Park (or brewery, if they’re game), Barton Springs, Red River, these are just a few of the cool and eclectic spots in a city that is full of them. Want to take a drive? Head on out to the hill country and some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Texas. Every location tells a story and we’re right there to capture it.

How can I stand out from Austin competitors and beyond?

Driving awareness is one of the biggest hurdles any company faces. Maybe you’ve a big project on the horizon, or people are already searching for what you provide but don’t understand that you’re the best ones to provide it.  An Austin agency can help you better understand the intent of your video content and how that compares to what your competitors have done. We call this white space, its the gaps between what everyone else is doing, and what is possible, that we can help you not just exploit, but own outright. We find those spots where the sun’s shining through and fit your messages to take advantage.

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