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From the street art scene of East Atlanta to the architecture of Peachtree Park, our videos encompass Atlanta

Atlanta is the centralized hub where many of the top companies in the world make their homes. It’s the headquarters of creators, innovators, and achievers. TOP’s team of directors, producers, and cinematographers bring Atlanta’s companies to the frontlines by capturing the individuality and unique qualities of each business. If you need a short video for your brand’s social media, a corporate video, or a broadcast commercial, our specialists are experts at telling stories that connect with audiences while driving goals. Being part of an extensive agency network, our team connects video with distribution models, guaranteeing maximum exposure for every piece of content.

  • – Full-service video content
  • – Video that drives traffic and lead capture
  • – Viral video creatio
  • – Live streaming video
  • – Event video production
  • – YouTube optimized video
  • – Explainer videos
  • – Documentary-style brand storytelling

A global leader in financial technology and streets named “Peachtree”, Atlanta has its own special je ne sais quoi that you can’t find anywhere else. With history and various mediums of art displayed at every corner, Atlanta makes for a great landscape for storytelling. Our talented team has created content all around the city, allowing us to create Atlanta based content with global capacity.

We possess a substantial amount of experience working with Atlanta companies at various scales — from global enterprises to up-and-coming startups to big brands to local service providers.

Video production includes producing, shooting, and editing all videos. It may seem simple, but in order to make sure the right message comes across and that your putting out quality content, it takes years of experience, sharpened skill, and natural talent. This is why we created cross-channel storytelling — a technique that allows your video to completely integrate with the message you wish to communicate in other marketing channels. If you want to create YouTube pre-roll that provides audience awareness while also driving to sale on a Facebook ad that only shows for people who watched the entire video, we know how to make it happen. Not only are we creative, but we’re strategic.

Your audience needs visual content, so we backward engineer projects by lining up goals with an audience before applying local video knowledge in order to construct video that connects with audiences. If the video isn’t going to be seen, then it isn’t worth producing — so we have absolute distribution capabilities including media planning, media buying, digital distribution, and organic viral marketing.

We locate your Atlanta audience

Just as Atlanta shines through its urban forest, TOP cuts through the noise of the competition by utilizing our in-house research teams to establish target audiences. By making videos specifically for them, your brand resonates with them.

We tell the stories that makes Atlanta a phoenix

The content we created is content that relates and engages the viewer, rising from the ashes and making a leadership stance at the forefront of Atlanta-created content, driving conversions. All stories are powerful vehicles that trigger action, so we test and optimize our video content in order to tell stories that are simple, surprising, and significant — the main ingredients to virality.

We ensure Atlanta, and the world, sees your video

By utilIng our network of Atlanta sister agencies— as well as our extensive network of influencers and journalists — in order to create broader video distribution. We're also able to optimize your video for SEO and help it find its organic audience on social media.

We ensure your message is understood, starting with your Atlanta audience

All of the videos we produce have a driving message. We make sure we slow down and take the time to really marinate over your business and your specific opportunities so that we can create authentic and essential messages that connect and stick with our audience. 

Our creativity was born in Atlanta

We love our Atlanta clients

Atlanta is one of the leading cities in finance, tech, innovation, and creation, making it one of the more unique cities in the world. In a city filled with world-class companies — plus more in Cabbagetown, Midtown, the Old Fourth Ward, and Inman Park—  standing out isn’t easy. That’s where TOP comes in. We create custom-tailored content at scale that gets your brand seen.

What we aren’t able to do when it comes to Atlanta video production is make cookie-cutter content for every single business. Each business and brand is unique, and since our roots stem from brand strategy, we’re able to create custom videos to align with every company’s unique set of opportunities and challenges. We’ve made video content long enough to have a thorough understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

If you wish to reconstruct you original video into various pieces of content in different formats across a broad range of channels and platforms, we’ve launched our Test> Optimize> Perform method in order to create “stackable content” — an innovative and daring new way to generate content that is more efficient, effective, and scalable. Now video can be apart of your daily marketing endeavors rather than solely being a “if it’s affordable” event.

Why Hire an Atlanta video production company?

One of the best qualities of working with an Atlanta video production company is that we’re here to manage any and all necessary technical and creative details in order to ensure your videos connect with both the local and global market. Hiring experts with years of experience — or those who worked or studied at Emory or Georgia Institute of Technology — is a quick and easy way to guarantee quality content is continuously driving customers to your business.

Going to work in our Atlanta offices every day doesn’t stop us from leaving the office to compile B-roll at the Swan House and shooting cutaways at the Jackson Street Bridge. Our Atlanta team has also successfully executed creative work from SXSW to Cannes.

Where can I shoot amazing video in Atlanta?

The biggest benefit of hiring an Atlanta video agency is our personal knowledge of key locations. From upscale central Buckhead to the historical district of Reynoldstown to the foodie scene Inman Park — as well as the modern view of the Porsche Experience Center — we understand the ups and downs of regional video and how to shoot it regardless of any presenting obstacles. We’ve also worked in major corporate venues such as the GWCC, the Whitley hotel, and other major corporate campuses. We’ve seen and done it all, we can help any location tell a story.

How can I stand out from Atlanta competitors and beyond?

If you need to raise awareness for you upcoming big launch, and people are already digging up information on your product in order to better understand what you do, TOP is an Atlanta agency that can help you better infer the intent of your video content and how it compares to the content of your competitors. When we start a new video project, we begin with a thorough review of competitor video so that we can find the whitespace that will help us put your brand in the forefront. From Grant Park to Midtown to Sweet Auburn, we bring a data-driven approach to structured creativity, encouraging new and innovative solutions with every project.

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