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We work with many of the most important, and most successful companies in the nation, if not the world. At TOP, our team of experts, video creators, and all around amazing people work hard to tell custom tailored stories that build audiences and drive sales. At TOP, our skilled team of multidisciplinary video professionals   have extensive experience  working with clients from conception to execution. Whether you need quick clips  for social media channels, a broadcast commercial, or a series of compelling segments for your owned channels, our team knows how to connect with your audience.

  • Full-service video content
  • Viral video creation
  • Live streaming video
  • Event video production
  • Explainer videos

We start every video project by looking at the audience to discover their unique goals then backward engineer the project to ensure we align a clients goals with the audiences needs.  With a north star established we ensure that cohesive story is shaped through the entire video production process, from preproduction, through production and  finally delivery.

Depending on the outcome a video can  hyper-focus on a particular audience on a particular channel or with cross-channel storytelling efforts in place, we can leverage your video across a range of platforms and objectives. Need to build affinity for a new brand via a Facebook video ad? Explain how your product works with a YouTube series? Our team works seamlessly with with media planners, to ensure the media buying, and distribution strategy works across all relevant channels.

We drive business through story telling

We build content through relationships

Working with a new outside vendor, can be challenging, there is an abundance of information about your business and target audience that needs to be shared in order to get a project rolling. This can be a  time-consuming process. Over the years we have learned that effort upfront getting to know a company and what motivates them and their customers is key to a successful video production strategy. We leverage our full service agency capabilities  including data analytics, SEO, and PR to glean applicable information about your business in order to created efficient and effective video content. 

A big part of collaborating is the ability to communicate effectively, so understanding your company means that we can better drive your needs and goals while honing in on specifics that make your message unique. From Fintech to candy we produce a wide range of video content across a variety of verticals. We pride ourselves on understanding a business position in the market, product goals or internal initiatives. This allows our video productions teams to align the right message, at the right time with the right audience. 

Why Hire a Video Production Company?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide when to make a video.  It is easy to make videos in-house, even with nothing more than a smartphone—and we stand by that, but there are cases when collaborating with an outside agency is necessary. Working with a full service video production company ensure a holistic approach to video. From translating data insights and stake holder interviews into key talking points to understanding product details working with a full service team ensure a comprehensive deliverable.

An outside perspective can be helpful. We look at your brand and a videos objective with an outside perspective. This allows TOP video productions teams to better align an audiences perspective with a companies goals.  And  because our video production teams eat, sleep, and breathe video, they have the equipment, the experience, and the access to niche professionals to create special effects, animation, and cinematography that differentiates your brand from the rest.

How can Video Production Company help your business?

Whether you need a company overview, product demo, video blog, social video, or customer testimonial, video content  can help drive brand awareness and business goals. Since video can encompass almost all other mediums it has the power to demonstrate a concept and evoke a response very effectively.

What Impact can video have on my business?

Video has the power to be the cornerstone of any content marketing strategy. The way consumers  interact with online content  has changed drastically, people are watching over 5 billion videos on Youtube every day and that doesn’t even count other hug platforms like Facebook.  Consumers have a voracious appetite for video, so when it comes to taking your brands message to the next level or creating great engagement with and audience there are few better ways than video.

Reach out to our video production experts now, we’re ready to drive your business’s engagement forward. Get to know TOP and all that we can do for your company.

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