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TOP is the fastest growing UI UX design agency in the country with a presence in Washington, D.C.

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From Alexandria to Bethesda, we’re committed to creating UI UX digital experiences that elevate brands across the Beltway

D.C is at the forefront of politics, policy, innovation, and technology. It is the home to the federal government, the American Red Cross, Gannett Newspapers, and countless government contractors. The UI UX design experts at TOP Global work with Washington, D.C. companies to create digital experiences that inspire action. Every organization, regardless of size or scale, can benefit from a deep dive into their User Interface (UI) design and determine the functionality of their website, while User Experience (UX) design focuses on the look and feel.

We facilitate user testing, persona development, wireframes, and logic definition. Simply put, we have an incredible array of UX/UI services that no other D.C. agency can match.


  • Journey Mapping
  • Low and High Fidelity Wireframing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Eye tracking and heat map analysis
  • Usability Testing

Like a compelling news story or an expose, UI UX design is meant to attract, intrigue, and motivate those interacting with your experience into taking action. We consider your brand, audience, and the goals of your business when creating meaningful interactions that grow your brand and help us make the best of our capabilities every single day. Like this city that’s part cultural phenomenon and part company town, we take being a part of the ecosphere of D.C. very seriously.

We know D.C. (and our way around a traffic circle)

This town was built on competition, political and not. We know who you're up against in a market where everything needs to move faster and simpler. You need to strike a balance between staying true to your brand and taking risk that makes you an innovator, not an imitator.

We engineer digital experiences for Washington, D.C.

We will help your users navigate between where they have been and where they need to go using the latest techniques and tools. We map out the pathways and micro interactions that your users need to quickly give them what they seek and use design features to help your audience focus on their goals.

We help your users find their way

We determine how our users are interacting with our content in order to satisfy their needs and set aside time for discovery and definition phases in order to apply tools like user interviews, focus groups, design thinking, and usability testing to create valuable experiences for your target audience by delivering what they need, when they need it.

We design lookalike audiences

We draw conclusions from data, not intuition. We test our experiences outside of our per view by leveraging lookalike audiences who can help us make confident inferences and engineer pathways to those expectations.

We love Washington D.C. and everything it stands for

We also love our Beltway clients

Relationships are everything in D.C. While it may often be a transactional town, it prioritizes the cultivation of those relationships above all else and puts people first. The UX and UI team at TOP mirrors that sentiment by thinking of the end user and creating experiences to meet goals attached to them. In a city that has built the foundation of our nation and houses our most important of government divisions, we love going head-to-head with the movers and shakers of this city to prove we are worthy of our presence here. We are one of D.C.’s highest performing UI UX design agencies and we love sharing our experiences with those around us.

Why hire a Washington, D.C. UI UX Design company?

It can be easy to fall into choice-overload dilemma. Too many options can make a website hard to use, and too many options for who can develop your next experience can be overwhelming to choose from. Include TOP on your shortlist to see why our capabilities in research are unparalleled. We do things keeping D.C. and its people top of mind, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

D.C. UI UX Design For Global, Regional, and Local Influence

Our incredible team of seasoned talent boasts experience working with some of the most awe-inspiring companies in D.C., whether this is their only empire or it is just one of their many locations. Our UI UX design strategists solve for interactivity and design challenges with the hospitality and innovation Washington, D.C. is known for and consistently meet the goals set forth to us.

An UI UX Design Agency That Lives In D.C. (and Arlington and Silver Spring)

You invest in the local ecosystem when you hire a company in D.C. that does UI UX strategy, design, testing and analysis. Swing by our office for a discovery chat, a cup of local coffee, and a first-hand glance at why our UX and UI team members get the job done with engaging, emotion-first designs that appeal to people.

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