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A people-focused UI UX Design agency

From Bedford Park to Harbourfront, we’re committed to creating efficient UI UX digital experiences for Toronto brands and beyond.

Toronto is more than just the home to some of the best hockey in the entire world. It’s a full out magnet for creatives and innovative professionals from all over the world. Toronto yields an incredible selection of companies, from the Canadian branch of Capital One Bank to Citi Canada, Dyson Canada to IMAX Corporation. Our UI UX design experts work hard in order to guarantee that each and every Toronto company — from startups to unicorns to enterprises — is fully equipped with digital experiences that lead users towards action.

We boast a vast array of UI UX design services that no other Toronto agency can replicate. From a short contract meant to ease user testing to hiring us for everything from wireframes to logic definition to persona development.

  • Journey Mapping
  • Low and High Fidelity Wireframing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Eye tracking and heat map analysis
  • Usability Testing

UX design is custom made to entice, fascinate, and drive the people visiting your digital experiences into taking action. By using progressive principles that take audience, container, and brand context into consideration, we’re able to create interactions specifically focused on growing your brand.  We’re more than proud to be able to fight the good fight strengthening and excelling our brand alongside yours in the beautiful city of Toronto.

We know the Toronto landscape

We know the peers and competitors you're facing in this world where everything seems to move faster every day. It's best to seek the balance between staying true to your sweet spot and taking enough innovative risks to secure your place. We'll help you stand your ground and push to be quicker, nimbler, and more adaptable.

We build Toronto's digital experiences

We chart the pathways and micro interactions that users need in order to quickly give them what they seek. We employ information hierarchy, use design features, and segment content in order to help your audience focus so they're able to find what they need fast.

We help users decide where to go next

By utilizing the information-foraging theory, we're able to understand how people experience the internet and how they interact with various information options in order to fulfill a need they have. We create valuable experiences for your target audience by featuring user journeys that deliver exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

We curate lookalike audiences

We test our experiences utilizing the amount of lookalike audiences we need to infer and deduce with confidence. We then engineer our pathways and outcomes in order to meet the expectations we've set for ourselves.

We love Toronto and everything it stands for

We also love our Toronto clients

Toronto is Ontario’s spark of eccentricity. We love that Toronto puts its people first, as our UI UX design team constantly pushes for what’s best for the end user while still working to meet the goals of the brand. It’s difficult to capture attention in a city filled to the brim with brilliant icons and innovators, but we love being able to go head-to-head with some of the most clever makers within this city in order to prove our worth to have our headquarters here. As the highest performing UI UX design agency in Toronto, we love being able to share our experiences with brands, peers, students, and the entire community.

Why Hire A Toronto UI UX Design Company?

Just like too many options to choose on a website makes it difficult for users to take action, too many options for who should develop your next experience can be extremely overwhelming. Put us on your shortlist and we’ll show you why working with TOP is as good as the experiences we create. We’re in a quadrant of our own, thanks to qualitative and quantitative research. We put people first, the Toronto way, and we’re happy to share a table with you and tell you everything about it.

Toronto UI UX Design For Local and Global Companies

Whether Toronto is home to just one of your many offices, or if this city houses your sole location, we know that hiring a local UI UX design agency always pays off. We have amazing talent with years of experience from some of the world’s best companies, solving design challenges and interactivity with a native’s sense of culture forward progressiveness and friendly enthusiasm. We have the combined intellectual property needed in order to trust that we can quickly and prudently meet both yours and your audience’s expectations.

An UI UX Design Agency That Lives In Toronto

Hiring a Toronto company that does UI UX design, testing, strategy, and analysis means you’re investing in the local ecosystem. Come by our Downtown Toronto office — we’ll have an enlightening discussion and you can learn first-hand exactly why our UI UX design team members get the job done with emotional and persuasive designs made to appeal to real people.

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