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TOP is one of the country's fastest growing UI UX design agencies, and we work right here in Seattle

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A people-first UI UX design agency

From Pike Place to Puget Sound, we create streamlined, engaging UI UX design digital experiences for Seattle-based brands.

Seattle is one of the country’s hot spots, and it’s home to an impressive selection of household names like Starbucks, Amazon, and T-Mobile. We at TOP call Seattle one of our homes. Our UI UX design team wants to ensure that every Seattle company of all sizes and scales can create digital experiences that are meaningful to their audiences. Whether we’re breaking down the fundamentals of our website through User Interface (UI) design to focusing on the look and feel of your user’s end-to-end journey through User Experience (UX) design. Our team of strategists, content creators, designers, and developers will architect functional, beautiful digital experiences.

We work across the entire spectrum of UI UX design services in ways no other Seattle agencies can TOP (pun intended)!


  • Journey Mapping
  • Low and High Fidelity Wireframing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Eye tracking and heat map analysis
  • Usability Testing

UI UX design is so much more than a pretty website. It’s core function is to attract, intrigue, and compel people to take action upon interacting with your digital experience. Our progressive principles look at your brand, your audience, and the context of your container while creating interactions designed to grow your share of the market. Seattle attracts some of the worlds best and brights creators, innovators, and professionals of their crafts and we’ll stand by your brand while growing our own so create a mutually beneficial partnership in Seattle.

We know the Seattle market

We know the Seattle audience and the competition you'll go up against in an effort to create solutions that are faster and simpler. Like the perfect blend of coffee, we'll find the balance of staying true to your brand and taking a risk that puts you on the cutting edge of your vertical.

We architect Seattle's best digital experiences

We have the tools necessary to keeping your users moving and navigating between where they've been and where they need to go. We'll help you segment content, employ information hierarchy, and use design features that help your audience focus on what they need to find.

We help users get to where they need to go

We understand how people experience the web and interact with the information options available to them to satisfy their needs. Through a series of discovery and definition phases, we can employ customer interviews, focus groups, design brainstorming, and usability testing to ensure we're creating the most optimized product and experience for your target audience.

We also use lookalike audiences

We test our experiences by leveraging not only our primary audience, but lookalike audiences as well so we can infer and deduce confidently. Then, we engineer those pathways and outcomes necessary to meet the expectations we've set for ourself that were validated from our findings.

We love Seattle and its bustling scenes

We also love our Seattle clients and focus groups

Seattle is a technological and cultural hub that is a beacon for those looking for something more. Like TOP, Seattle has created a special ecosystem that special puts people who want to do something greater than themselves first. It can be hard to really make a mark in a city full of icons, innovators, and pioneers, but we are always looking for opportunities to prove ourselves with the best and brightest in this city. As one of the highest performing UI UX design agencies in Seattle, we love to share our experiences with those around us, including other brands, peers, students, and the larger community.

Why Hire A Seattle UI UX Design Company?

There are a lot of choices to make when determining who you want to work with in designing your next experience, and even more choices when determining what exactly you want them to do with that experience. Include us on your shortlist, and we’ll prove why partnering with TOP is just as fruitful and engaging as the experiences we make. Both qualitative and quantitative research put us in a league of our own as we do things the local way and put people first.

Seattle UI UX Design For All Sizes and Scales

If this is your sole empire here in Seattle, or you have offices in other parts of the world, we know that working with a local UI UX design agency is more than worth the cost. Our seasoned pool of talent has experience working with some of the world’s top companies and are always solving design challenges and interactivity issues with the sense of hospitality and intuition that comes natural to those from Seattle. We boast collective intellectual property that you’ll need to trust when we meet your audience’s expectations and yours.

An UI UX Design Agency That Lives In Seattle (and Bellevue and Redmond)

Swing by our Seattle office and have a discovery chat with the team. We’ll pump you full of coffee and teach you why our UX and UI team members get the job done time and time again. When you hire a Seattle company that does the UI UX design strategy we’re known for, you’re ultimately investing back into your local ecosystem. And after all, doesn’t Seattle thrive on keeping things local?

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