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Your UI UX design agency should take human centric design as seriously as we do.

TOP is the fastest growing UI UX design agency in the country - and we have roots right here in Chicago.

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From Midway to the Magnificent Mile, we’re committed to creating efficient UI UX digital experiences for Chicagoland brands and beyond.

Chicago is the anchor of the midwest and boasts some of the most awe-inspiring and innovative companies in the country. TOP’s UI UX design experts work hard to ensure that every Chicago company we work with is sporting the best digital experiences for their users designed to drive action and make conversions. Our UX and UI strategists and designers partner with developers, content creators, analysts and strategists to create digital experiences that function as well as they look.

Whether you work with us to facilitate user testing or hire us for everything from persona development to wireframes and logic definition, we have a litany of UI UX design services that no other Chicago agency can beat.


  • Journey Mapping
  • Low and High Fidelity Wireframing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Eye tracking and heat map analysis
  • Usability Testing

UI UX design is custom built to attract, intrigue and compel the people who visit your digital experiences into taking action. We use progressive principles that take brand, audience, and container context into consideration to create interactions designed to grow your brand. There’s no city quite like Chicago and no agency in Chicago quite like TOP. We work across disciplines to give your brand the best UI UX design available and have it perfectly integrated with every other aspect of your marketing journey.

We love Chicago and everything it stands for

We also love our Chicago clients

Chicago is the beating heart of the nation, and like every beating heart, it gets our blood flowing thinking about all of the innovation and diversity of thinking going on right here on the shores of the lake. Our UI UX design teams are constantly taking the pulse of Chicago’s brands to push them toward what is best for the end user while still striving to meet and exceed the goals of the brand. It can be tough to turn heads in a city this dynamic but we love going toe-to-toe with the finest the city has to offer and prove we’re worthy to share the stage.

Why Hire A Chicago UI UX Design Company?

With so many options it can be easy to fall into choice-overload. Take a page out of the UI UX design playbook and consider the benefits of refining your options down to agencies that have the same culture and experiences as you do, yet think about things is ways you never even considered. Qualitative and quantitative research will put us in a magic quadrant of our own. We do things the people-first way, the local way, and we’re delighted to share a table with you and tell you all about it. Include us in your shortlist and we’ll showcase why partnering with TOP is as good as the experiences we create.

Chicago UI UX design For Local and Global Companies

Whether you have just one of many offices here in Chicago or this is your sole empire, we know that hiring a local UI UX design agency pays dividends. Our talent is seasoned with experiences from some of the world’s top companies, solving interactivity and design challenges with a native’s sense of hospitality, culture forward progressive thinking and downright friendly enthusiasm. We have the collective intellectual property you need to trust that we can judiciously and expeditiously meet your audience’s and your expectations.

An UI UX Design Agency That Lives In Chicago

When you hire local you’re investing in the ecosystem where you live and thrive. When you hire TOP for your UI UX design strategy, design, testing and analysis, you get a local company with a global reach and discipline expertise in every aspect of marketing. Let’s grab a coney and have a discovery chat so you can learn first-hand why our UX and UI team members get the job done with persuasive and emotional designs that appeal to people.

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