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TOP is a leading Global UI UX Design Agency that combines human-centric digital experiences with brilliant design. 

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This UI UX design agency creates experiences for people with designs that work

We build brands from the outside in. Too often, marketers focus on the story they want to tell and focus exclusively on how best to tell that story. But, incredible brand experiences are offer an exchange of value for audience and brand. We make branded interactions that help people easily share their contact information with just one tap. We leverage portals to help people go deeper within content journeys without ever having to navigate forward or backward and lose their place. We simplify steps and actions in each person’s journey so that we can get them the information they desire most early. And, we leverage micro interactions to reward as the person moves through the application or website.

Through our discovery, UX definition and data-driven UI design process, we craft incredible customer experiences that are as human as they are high-performing. At TOP, our interdisciplinary team of strategy and design professionals help you capitalize on touch points by preparing wireframe blueprints for how best to serve up content, orient the user, push and pull them into interactions and focus them on intended paths. Whether you need quick tips for how to simplify or modernize your experience, a complete overhaul of your domain, or deep analysis of the complete user journey across your digital ecosystem, we can help you quickly develop brilliant interfaces that surprise, delight, help and nurture. Check out a few of our capabilities below:

  • User experience strategy
  • Content migration and sunsetting planning
  • User research and usability testing
  • Persona and user journey mapping
  • Menu and navigation architecture
  • Logic definition
  • Search engine optimization strategy
  • Data-driven design and design thinking methodologies

We start every web design project by auditing the existing content, technical and SEO performance, and pathways and throughputs for users from your existing experience (if you have one). Additionally we look at your competitors, rockstar peers, brands you admire or trailblazers to asses whats working and what can be improved. We help you decide what content to retire, what to keep or create from scratch to meet user expectations. We then identify gaps and opportunities and thus white space for differentiation that you can move into to stand apart from you competitors.

With this white space established, we then work to shape the story you need to tell into a landscape of micro and macro interactions, touch points, and features that are designed so that the end process feels effortless. You’ll see this framework in wireframes, prototypes and sketches. Whether it’s formal with paid specially selected external audiences or internal with client, agency or general public users, we leverage these elements to get feedback early and adjust.

We want users to glide from their entry point to their exit point with just the right amount of playful pauses and sharing. Every page is a beginning since search engine queries will lead users to interior pages and desired content beyond the homepage. We help you visualize how your users engage with your brand so that we can combine content with functionality in a way most likely to meet or exceed their expectations. From information architecture to content groupings and hierarchy, we help you identify what to spotlight and minimize and often enhance with a search-focused approach.

And, since Google tracks how happy users are with your site and engagement boosts rankings, good UX is the most import ranking factor. We combine SEO with usability testing to boost performance.

We increase conversion

A first impression could be a last impression of your brand. We drive conversion by using content hierarchy, design, familiar patterns, visual cues, and smart navigation to help people discover what they seek.

We test our builds before they're road ready

From functional specs that keep stakeholders aligned to wireframes and rapid prototypes that let us try before we make, we test our strategy and designs during each stage to avoid surprises after launch.

We reduce the cost of maintenance

Finding out your experience doesn't connect with audiences is a costly mistake for both reputation and future releases. We design for both audience intent and stakeholder expectations to avoid pitfalls later.

We help you leverage data

Companies are swimming in technical seas of disparate data. We help you analyze it, form insights, and then confidently act on what can be inferred, deduced and claimed.

We help people know what to do next

We create fluid navigation through your brand's digital touch points

Where you’ve been and where you’ll go next in a digital experience doesn’t follow the same synchronous flow that it does in the physical world. Users move more fluidly. We use visual identity, design consistency, and recognizable patterns to complement text-based storytelling, because people intuitively understand visuals quicker and with less effort than text. This is why wayfinding visuals are so important for digital or physical user experiences.

The team at TOP creates these visuals during quick iterative rounds of sketches, wires, animation samples, and prototypes that start off as low-fidelity approximations and quickly transform into lifelike experiences. We check in early and often and build consensus each step of the way from both our client stakeholder representatives and from lookalike users and audience segments. By pre-testing interactions, flows, content hierarchy, functionality and performance, we go into each build knowing we’ve solved consumer/customer, business, and people problems problems alike. We create with flexibility in mind, our strategic designs can be styled and layered upon any platform and adjusted to any technical stack.

We know a lot of agencies speak to their brilliance in combining form and function, but so many experiences forget that the one thing they have to do above all else is work. And, while we believe in customizing content for target audiences, we also believe in creating web and digital experiences that function well for all audiences. In this day and age, there is never a reason for a site to be a challenge to navigate  for a less-abled audience member requiring accessibility support. How a site moves, looks, and reacts should be intuitive for everyone, whether you’re an active professional or a casual user. Our digital products are born from custom insights, but they make sense and serve all types of audiences.

Why Hire A UI UX design Agency?

We get it. You have a domain and an entire ecosystem of microsites, landing pages, apps, social content, sales collateral, intranets, e-marketing, recruiting, employee engagement and advertising campaigns. So many properties and so much data. And, while you know more than ever about who accesses each digital property, it’s harder now than ever before to act with confidence and really know that you’re spending your marketing dollars as efficiently and effectively as possible. And, between existing technical debt and ed cals, content calendars and internal silos, how do you know if you should spend money to overhaul the end-to-end user experience or just patch up pieces with the lowest performance metrics?

It’s hard to know what to tackle first and defend the spend on estimations of what it will do for you. TOP is uniquely able to create scrappy and innovative solutions that are data-driven and focused on end results. We have the internal skills required to supplement your team and add strategic and executional power when you need it most for those who need it most – your audience.

How can a UI UX design agency help your business?

It can help you level up. A first-rate digital product makes communication between fan and brand possible. With open communication, comes deeper learning, understanding and engagement. When you hear your audience, through their written feedback, trail of clicks, exits, scrolls, purchases, shares, and comments, they open themselves up to hearing your brand.

What Impact can GOOD UI UX design have on my business?

Simply put UI UX design Impacts everything. UX strategy and UI design, when put together, is simply visible strategy. That means there’s a reason the next content block slides in from the right or moves up into the viewport on scroll. UI UX design isn’t subjective, it drives action. It can make you feel, but it can also make you act, make you angry, make you laugh, open your wallet, tell a friend, or tell the world.

Reach out to our UI UX design experts now and we’ll help you really hear your audience. Get to know TOP and all that we can do for your company.

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