UI UX Design

UI UX design with the little things in mind

Designing the perfect user experience that optimizes your product, keeps your site relevant, and increases revenue.

TOP is a leading global agency working with brands that transform industries and improve lives. Our team of UI UX design experts work tirelessly with these brands to create a great user experience, increase product utilization, generate brand loyalty, and continually drive revenue.

Our team creates stunning visuals during quick, iterative rounds of sketches, wires, animation samples, and prototypes that start off as low-fidelity approximations and quickly transform into lifelike experiences. We work hand-in-hand with our clients every step of the way and provide recommendations gathered from data and research to guide product development and reduce production costs.

  • User experience strategy
  • User research and usability testing
  • Persona and user journey mapping
  • Data-driven design and design thinking methodologies

Whether you are introducing a new product or wanting to improve your existing product, TOP can help you design products that consistently help customers achieve their goals and increase the satisfaction they gain from using your product. We create with flexibility in mind, and our strategic designs can be styled and layered upon any platform and adjusted to any technical stack

Successful UI UX Design agencies combine stunning visuals with enhanced functionality. At TOP, we believe in not just customizing content for target audiences, but also in creating web and digital experiences that function well for a variety of audiences. Our digital products are born from custom insights, but they make sense and serve all types of audiences. At the heart of what we do, we strive to enhance your product’s usability and increase conversion and revenue from your products.

Helping your customers connect better with your brand

TOP enhances product usability and makes using your product second nature 

You invest time, energy, and key resources into developing your product. You know your audience and how you want to reach them. More importantly, you have employees to take care of, stakeholders to satisfy, and goals to achieve. The future of your business, therefore, depends on your product’s design, usability, and clarity. Having the right UI UX design agency can help you stand out among your competitors, generate loyalty, and create a path to sustainable, long term success.

UI UX design is made to enhance your customer’s experience with your brand. When you work with a UI UX design agency like TOP, you get a strategic partner who possess the skills and the insights to make your product faster, more flexible, and easier to use. This ease of use guides your customers to purchasing and increases the likelihood that they will return to you over and over again.

Why Hire a UI UX design agency?

You have a domain and an entire ecosystem of microsites, landing pages, apps, social content, sales collateral, intranets, e-marketing, recruiting, employee engagement and advertising campaigns. So many properties and so much data. And, while you know more than ever about who accesses each digital property, it’s harder now than ever before to act with confidence and really know that you’re spending your marketing dollars as efficiently and effectively as possible. Working with TOP allows you to cut through the noise and distractions your data can cause and take a more objective look at how you can improve your customer experience and generate loyalty through UI UX design.

Why should I care about UI UX design?

In this digital age, oftentimes the market leaders are not those with the best product, but those who have the product that is easiest to use. By investing in UI UX design, you are taking control of your future by giving your customers a consistent, easy to navigate product.

How do I get started? 

It can be hard knowing where to prioritize time and spend on UI UX design. Let TOP begin by assessing your current design and provide insights that will improve every aspect of your product. From content to responsiveness, our team will work with you every step of the way.

Delight your users

Next steps

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  2. We’ll draft a proposal

    We can harness the expertise of our local + global team.

  3. We’ll present the plan

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