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From the Pearl District to Nob Hill TOP knows the right content can expand your brand into unexplored markets

Sitting on top of a volcano, Portland represents a burst of creativity and innovation, surrounded by nature. A city that moves forward through the actions of a diverse, innovative and groundbreaking population, the Portland media television market is eye-catching to local and national consumers. Our focus is to create ads that form strong emotional connections between your brand and the people you serve.

Portland is always pushing media through reinvention, maintaining its relevance by connecting it to digital content creation. With specialized research, TOP can help you reach the right clients and create content that reflects the diversity of the Oregonian cultural fabric and generational differences. What we offer:

  • Full-Service TV Advertising Campaigns
  • TV Advertising Training
  • Dedicated Portland TV Advertising Specialists
  • Wide experience from Portland startups to local service providers

Combining analytics and expert-conducted interviews, we distill the heart of your company into dynamic, modern, television ad content. In an overwhelming media landscape, television offers your brand credibility to captive audiences that can help you develop your business precisely the way you desire. Our distribution models combine digital and traditional media to provide maximum exposure. TOP knows how to use data to achieve the right frequency of ads and a Rose city presence that customers know and trust. 

At TOP, we want to help your brand to grow and your media to be effective. We produce, edit, script, shoot and master videos that are perfectly integrated with your brand’s message and identity in other media. Our cross-channel storytelling techniques build value with consumers across platforms. We create the buzz you need to make an impression on local or national audiences while maintaining a consistent, easily-recognizable, profile. Just like Portland, your brand should adapt with changing times and an evolving cultural scenery while always keeping it’s undeniably characteristic flavor.

What makes us different?

Unique TV Ads that feel perfectly at home in Portland

Portland is a town that is always searching for more. A global city built on local stories, Rose city is an ode to life quality with diverse viewpoints, a tech hub surrounded by natural beauty, and enough artisanal beer and coffee to keep you happy for several lifetimes. It is no secret that brands have their hands full when trying to develop in a city so unique.

TOP knows our clients are our best connections – our expert consultants and production team are here to make sure your brand is seen by the right people through an efficient content plan that is perfect for you, your business model and your goals. We don’t fear the ever-changing media landscape. Like the Oregonians we are, we embrace innovation and roll with it, excited to help your brand create change in the world.

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