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The Philly television market is being constantly tested by an ever evolving media landscape. Despite that evolution, TV can still work wonders for your brand, especially as part of a comprehensive digital and traditional marketing plan. Combining reach analytics and in-depth interviews, we capture the heart of your company into content that will lead your business into new markets. In an overwhelming media landscape, television offers your brand credibility to captive audiences that can help you develop your business.

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At TOP, we want to help your brand move forward in a way that is consistent with your history while aiming at your ideal future. We produce, edit, script, shoot and master videos that are perfectly integrated with your brand’s message and identity in other media. Our cross-channel storytelling techniques build value with consumers across platforms. We create the buzz you need to make an impression on local or national audiences while maintaining a consistent, easily-recognizable, profile. Our distribution models combine digital and traditional media to provide  maximum exposure. TOP knows how to use data to achieve the right frequency of ads and a presence that customers know and trust. Just like Philly, your brand should adapt with changing times while always keeping it’s undeniably characteristic flavor.

What makes us different?

TV Ads tailor made for Philly

Philadelphia is as fast paced as Rocky bounding up those steps. Right smack in the middle of the Eastern seaboard and a number of the most influential cities in the country and the world. With the most diverse of populations, Philly is a hub where all kinds of people speak different languages literally and figuratively. It is no secret that brands have their hands full when trying to develop in a city filled with possibility, wonder and competition.

TOP knows our clients are our best connections — our expert consultants and production team are here to make sure your brand is seen by the right people through an efficient advertising plan that is perfect for you, your business model and your goals. We don’t fear the ever-changing media landscape. Like Philadelphia, we embrace innovation and roll with it, excited to help your brand create change in the world.

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