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TOP is a Los Angeles TV advertising agency that brings your brand to life on-screen and on budget.

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For companies across the five counties, TOP TV Advertising connects with viewers through compelling stories and memorable visuals.

LA and TV were made for each other. From Santa Monica Beach to Laurel Canyon to the San Gabriel Mountains, our city is always ready for its close-up; our art deco landmarks, studio backlots, and undaunted film crews are ready for prime time. Television grew up in Los Angeles, and its power in the marketplace remains boundless. Amidst expanding media outlets and streaming options, TV remains an undeniable choice for brands that need to gain traction and reach potential customers.

TOP TV experts can help leading and emerging brands penetrate new markets, optimize impressions, and create the kind of powerful sensory experiences only TV can offer. By carefully applying data and analytics — along with our experience and instincts — TOP tailors your campaigns to not only connect with your customers, but persuade them. TOP services include:

  • Creative Development
  • Media Planning and Negotiation
  • TV Content and Video Production
  • Programmatic TV Buying

Los Angeles brands turn to TOP for TV campaigns that make a bold impression locally as well as nationally. Because there are so many media options available, TOP works to craft a brand story that helps you stand out, get noticed, and turn a captive audience into potential customers. While many viewers are skeptical of ads on the internet and other digital outlets, television remains a trusted source of information.

Using our valuable Los Angeles vantage point, TOP applies a deep understanding of how TV has evolved over time, and how it can be used with digital strategies to extend your brand’s reach. Our media specialists determine the right mix and frequency of ads to produce the impressions you need and the results you want. To gain the best return on your TV advertising investment, call on the team at TOP.

TOP blends traditional and digital methods for maximum impact.

TOP uses TV Advertising to amplify your Los Angeles brand's message, create memorable audience experiences, and encourage real action.

Our Los Angeles-based TV advertising team combines our understanding of the entertainment industry, local and national media expertise, and careful monitoring of viewer habits. TOP knows you have only seconds to connect with your target customers on an emotional and intellectual level. Successful TV Advertising captures the attention of your audience and engages the senses to communicate what makes your company unique. To instill your company’s brand proposition, your TV message must be concise, powerful, and evocative.

Whether you are a scrappy Santa Monica startup looking to expand your presence and reach, or a well-known LA-based global brand looking to regain momentum, the TOP team brings data-driven, battle-tested methods that are sure to help you stand out.

Why a Los Angeles TV Advertising agency? 

All marketers, from large enterprises to small companies, face the same dilemma: How to get the most impact from their available time, talent and resources. TOP combines world class Los Angeles talent and practices with local Los Angeles know-how to produce the kind of results your business deserves. From strategic recommendations to brand voice to creative execution, it all comes together seamlessly — and efficiently.

TV Advertising for LA Companies

We Angelenos love our smart-speakers and smartwatches, but there’s nothing quite like a perfectly crafted TV Ad. For marketers, today’s television offers more ways to reach your audience than ever. Cable, satellite, and streaming services deliver a variety of unique opportunities to connect brands with viewers. The TOP media team blends traditional and digital strategies to help your Los Angeles-based enterprise reach a broader audience, target niche customers, or propel your content from sharable to viral.

A TV Ad Agency that Lives in Los Angeles

Great TV Advertising doesn’t happen by chance. TOP’s Los Angeles team knows the anatomy of a successful TV campaign; we work with you to identify your brand’s true audience, distill a compelling creative strategy, and ultimately, craft on-screen stories that are simple, surprising, and memorable. Every stage of the process is designed to produce advertising that grows results overnight and grows your brand over time.

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