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Chicago’s people, culture, food — what’s not to love? Plenty of major companies agree with us and have made Chicago their home base. TOP is one of them. We know that Chicago is a major business hub whose biggest brands started from humble beginnings. The TOP Agency has helped many of these businesses maintain their current standing through television advertising. We do the same for you, using our vast experience and knowledge of media, and the most modern market research methods to understand your target audience and break into new markets.

Our TV ad service include:

  • Creative Development
  • Media Planning and Negotiation
  • Video Production
  • Programmatic TV Buys

Television and programming is evolving faster than ever these days. The TOP Agency knows advertising inside and out, and we are constantly on the watch for current trends in popular culture and technology. Combine this with our time-tested experience in video production and editing, and you have a TV advertising team that stands at the forefront of commercial advertisement.

TV ads are still a reliable revenue source for major networks, and even some digital streaming services count on them for income. TOP knows this and works with all of our marketing teams to keep up with viewer demographics across the board. This lets us provide relevant data to help you decide which network will reach the broadest audience, and even tap into new markets. We also provide the writers, camera crew, talent, and editing team along with state-of-the-art equipment and training, so you get the maximum return on your advertising investment.

Chicago’s best and brightest represented in media

TV advertising that represents the best of Chicago

The Windy City is more than just the third largest city in the continental United States. Chicago is home to the Cubs, the Bulls, Wrigley Field; companies such as Boeing and Walgreens; and of course we can’t forget Chicago-style hot dogs. At the TOP Agency, we are proud to work with some of Chicago’s best and brightest to promote their brands via television advertisements. We use our vast experience to help your business find its target audience, reach out to new consumers, and enhance your company’s reputation.

Your company is unique and so is its message. That’s why our TV advertising experts take the time to get to know you and your company, so we can produce a compelling and evocative advertisement that captures the attention of viewers. Our proven television advertising methods boost your brand’s image in Chicago, across the nation, even around the world.

Why hire a Chicago TV Advertising agency?

In today’s fast-paced world your Chicago-based company has to work harder than ever to stay ahead of the competition. We help you do that by creating advertising that speaks to viewers, shakes them up a little, makes them think, and spurs them to your brand. Our television advertising experts have the tools and experience to do this, and more, all while staying within your advertising budget. You give us your message and the creative minds on our TV advertising team will find the most innovative ways to broadcast it to the world.

TV Advertising for Chicago companies

Television networks in Chicago and the rest of the country rely on television commercials to pay for their programming. Even streaming services like Hulu use TV ads to augment their income. At TOP we have the research on audiences for all the networks, cable companies, satellite providers, and streaming services. We use this to steer your television advertisement in the right direction: toward your consumer base, whether they’re here at home in Chicago or across the country, or even on the other side of the world.

A TV Advertising agency that lives in Chicago

TOP knows what makes a great advertisement for Chicago businesses: memorable and relatable content that stirs the emotions and intellect of viewers. That’s because we live, work, and play right here. Our TV advertising team combines our skills to grab the attention of your audience, hold it, and effectively communicate what you can offer so your brand is cemented in the minds of every person who sees your ad, no matter how long or short.

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