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California is one of the country’s most progressive, innovative states in the country. Temperate climates and fruitful business makes Southern California a desirable place to live and work, presenting tons of opportunities for testing, optimizing, and scaling social media efforts. If you’re looking to expand your current fan base, growing one from scratch, scaling organic engagement, driving sales through social media ads, or creating viral content, we are the San Diego team with local, national, and global reach.

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The team at TOP boasts a collaborative unit of social media analysts, community managers, growth marketers, e-commerce experts, and content creators who work together to ensure success on your local social media presence. From San Diego up to Carlsbad, further inland to Escondido, or throughout lower California. From B2B to B2C, we can grow your social media presence from scratch or dramatically scale your existing presence. Our team works at the fast pace of a San Diego startup with the resources of an agency beyond our tenure, and we have the experience of conducting social campaigns worldwide to prove it.

We use clear metrics

We're used to things being crystal-clear around here — after all, we live on the Pacific Ocean, the most pristine body of water on Earth! We attach clear metrics to every piece of content we create or boost to ensure we're measuring for effectiveness. Our own proprietary metrics will help you gain better insight to your audience's behaviors, too: "Fan Connection Frequency" notes if you're staying top of mind with your audience, while "Viral Velocity" dictates if your post can spread at record speed.

We have our own content studio

Not only are we social media specialists, we're content creators who know the value in creating video, animation, graphic design, and copywriting work in house. Companies from San Diego, Carlsbad, La Mesa, and Escondido can use TOP to create content for any social formats.

We work on all platforms

Get a leg up on the competition by optimizing your content strategy to ladder back to the specific social components of each platform. Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tik Tok, YouTube — you name it, we can leverage it to the best of its ability.

We move first

We're constantly looking for new techniques and tactics to use on social media for oversized returns. What worked yesterday will not necessarily work tomorrow, so our team of analysts from across southern California constantly test, learn, and optimize. When we've identified an opportunity for our clients, we leverage that methodology across all clients long before traditional social media agencies catch up.

Our social media skills are put to work in San Diego

We love San Diego social media

San Diego is a fantastic canvas for social media work. We enjoy creating campaigns that reflect the energy and culture of the place we live, work, and play. Whether you start in the convenient heart of historic downtown in the Gaslamp Quarter (sure, it’s touristy, but we love the nightlife!) and move into the East Village to catch a Padres game, or you catch a few waves at Pacific Beach, we celebrate all that San Diego offers.

Do you want to focus on a few social media channels that make sense for your business or strategize content for all of them? We’ll help you weigh pros and cons.

Do you want to leverage premium content like video and animation? We’ll help you measure potential ROI before we begin creation.

Do you want to drive sales and business through social media? We’ll help you use emotional triggers through content that’s simple, surprising, and significant and triggers your audience to act.

Do you have a specific niche audience? We’ve worked with enterprises and startups across El Cajon, Santee, San Marcos, and up through Oceanside to streamline their lead generation process, shorten the sales cycle, gain social status, and influence even the biggest influencers.

Why Hire a San Diego Social Media Agency?

We know San Diego better than other agencies because… well, because we live here! We know what makes a typical San Diego audience tick which helps grow social audience, engagement rates, and even traffic to offline channels. We’ve worked with businesses of every size and scale to transform their social strategies into must-have marketing channels, not an afterthought. Are your customers near North Park or Ocean Beach, younger in their careers with money to spend? Are they families in La Jolla or near Carmel Valley? Whoever they may be, we’ll determine them using a persona matrix that ladders back to a content strategy designed to reach your optimal audience. Not only do we understand social media, we understand it’s place in your larger marketing funnel.

Scale Social Media Using Stackable Content

We want to ensure our content is efficient, effective, and scalable, which is why we developed the “Stackable Content” methodology. By creating an initial piece of important original content and distilling reinvented and reimagined content from it, you’ll not only save nearly 60% of time, money, and resource investment, you’ll also be ensuring that your content is consistently speaking to brand truths and doing the work for you. The fundamentals of Stackable Content are engrained in those who work here, so we’re freed up to work on more important executions of your brand vision.

A San Diego Social Media Agency That Knows Branding

We know branding even better than we know social media, and you can’t have one without the other. Your social media needs to establish a unique visual identity that is true to your brand, but it needs to capture the spirit of your customers and ways to engage with them. When you determine your brand voice — be it funny, serious, lighthearted, or innovative — you can stop paying attention to minor details and start being real.

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