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From East Columbia to Sellwood, we love Portland social media

With a large population of over 700,000, it’s not a surprise that most Portlanders are members of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and more, it comes as no surprise that Portland represents the perfect opportunity to test, optimize, and scale your social media efforts. Whether you need to up your fan and follower count, utilize social media for organic engagement, drive sales through a paid social media program, or generate the next trending viral content, we’re the local Portland team that always thinks creatively, strategically, and globally.

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TOP’s team of social media analysts, content creators, social commerce experts, community managers, and growth marketers constantly work hard in order to guarantee the success of your local social media popularity — from Portland to Eugene to Florence, all over Oregon, and beyond. From creating your B2B or B2C social media visibility from the ground up to significantly growing your social media followers, out social team knows all of the best practices in order to do it at scale. We mix the fast-paced lifestyle of a Portland startup with the creative and tactical resources of a global reaching agency which has conducted thousands of social media campaigns all over the world.

We love Portland's clear metrics

We attach clear metrics to each individual piece of content that we create or boost in order to measure their effectiveness. We have constructed many of our very own metrics in order to gain better insight. "Fan Connection Frequency" measures whether or not you're staying top of mind with your audience. "Viral Velocity" measures exactly how fast your post can possibly spread. You can't optimize if you don't measure.

We have an in-house Portland content studio

We're content creators with a plethora of social media skills, all used to ensure your business has the best social media presence in the market. It's why we built our own local content studio with animation, video production, copywriting, and graphic design all in house. Companies from Portland, Jacksonville, and Silverton all utilize us in order to generate content in any social format for any purpose.

We work across platforms

Through optimizing your content and strategy for every specific social media platform, you're able to gain an advantage on the competition. Our team utilizes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tik Tok, YouTube, and more in order to fins the best way to use each platform to elevate your brand's social media presence.

We move faster than a PDX cab

We're constantly pushing boundaries on new social media proficiencies and strategies to get oversized returns. Since the methods that worked yesterday aren't promised to work tomorrow, or even today, our team from Portland, Oregon City, Baker City, and Newport are constantly testing and learning. As soon as we've identified a proven opportunity for our clients, we bring out the methodology before other social media agencies can even think to begin their process.

Our social media skills were born in Portland

We love Portland social media

There’s no place quite like Portland, and that’s exactly why it’s the best home for our social media work. Whether you start your day along the banks of the Willamette rive to sample the wonders at PDX’s famous and free Saturday market, or spend the day in the Pearl District and peruse the large book selection at Powell’s , we love constructing campaigns that mirror the same energy and culture of the city where we work and live.

Not sure whether or not to focus on just a few social media channels or to re-post on all of them? Let us help you determine where you’ll get the best ROI on time and money.

Wondering if you should incorporate more premium content into your feed such as animation and video? We’ll help you weigh the pros against the cons.

How is your company driving actual business or sales metrics on social media? TOP can show you how to use emotional triggers in a simple, surprising, and significant way in order to move your audience to cry, laugh, share, try, or buy.

Are you a B2B company that has a very specific and niche audience? TOP has worked with every type of client from new-on-the-block startups to global enterprises in Rose City Park, East Portland, Goose Hollow, and Downtown in order to hyper-focus on finding new leads, shortening the sales cycle, gaining social proof, and influencing influencers.

Why Hire a Portland Social Media Agency?

A social media agency based in Portland can help you upheave buzz, in-store traffic, and social engagement. We’ve worked closely with local businesses, startups, and enterprises in order to transform social from being placed on the back-burner and done every once in a while to a primary driver of prospective business and success. One of the many benefits of our local agency approach is that we make sure we take the time to really understand you business. Is your main audience millennials who hang out in the Pearl District or new moms and dads or established families living in Lake Oswego, West Linn, or Beaverton? We generate a matrix with the essential personas that you’re trying to reach and map them to specific aspects of our social media content strategy. TOP is a social media marketing agency that completely understands every step of the consumer decision journey.

Using Stackable Content to Scale Social Media

In order to ensure our content creation process remains more efficient, effective, and scalable, we’ve developed our “Stackable Content” methodology, which entails creating reinvented and reimagined content from your most important original material. There are two main benefits that come from the Stackable Content approach: one, you’re able to save up 60% on time invested on creating new content by focusing first on your “pillar” content. Two, your content embodies your essential brand messages as it’s generated from a source material that focuses on those messages. Since the fundamentals of the Stackable Content process is solidified within our agency — our Portland team know the exact recipe for execution — it allows us to have more time to focus on the creative execution of your brand vision.

A Portland Social Media Agency That Loves Branding

Our branding skills are leveraged in various ways throughout the social media channel. Not only does your social media need a unique visual identity that remains true to your brans, but it also needs to be able to capture the spirit of how you interact with your customers. Is your brand customer-centric and needs a tone of caring and compassion, or are you a daring brand that needs to project an audacious image? We focus on the small details so you can focus on the bigger picture.

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