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As home to some of the biggest users of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, ad more, Los Angeles holds the best opportunity to test, optimize, and scale your social media efforts. If you need to multiply your follower count, use media for organic engagement, drive sales through a paid social media program, or create the newest trending viral content, we’re L.A.’s creative agency that thinks creatively, strategically, and globally.

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  • Social media community management
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TOP’s team of social media analysts, social commerce experts, content creators, growth marketers, and community managers are constantly working hard to guarantee the success of your local L.A. social media presence — from Los Angeles to Long Beach to Santa Clarita, all over California, and beyond. If you need us to create your B2B or B2C social media visibility from scratch or significantly grow your social media follower count, our social media team knows the exact best practices in order to do it at scale. We combine the go-getter mentality of an L.A. startup with the creative resources and experience of a global agency that has directed thousands of social media campaigns all over the world.

We love the clear metrics that come with L.A.

Each piece of content we create or boost is attached to clear metrics in order to measure their effectiveness. We even generate many of our own metrics in order to gain better insight. If you want to know if your brand is staying on top of mind with your L.A. audience, we utilize "Fan Connection Frequency." We can track a post's "Viral Velocity" if you're curious as to whether or not it can spread at lightening speed. If you don't measure, then you can't optimize.

We have an L.A. content studio

It's impossible to be an L.A. social media agency and not be fluent in all things social media skills. So we've built our own content studio complete with animation, graphic design, video production, and copywriting all in-house. Companies from L.A., Culver City, and Burbank all reach out to us for assistance in generating content in any social format for any purpose.

We work across all platforms

Your company is able to get ahead of the competition by optimizing your content and strategy for every specific social media platform. Our social media team works across Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, and more in order to figure out the best way to utilize each platform for your brand.

We move faster than L.A. drivers

We know drivers in L.A. always find a way to speed on the freeway, even through crazy traffic on the 405. And just like big pick up trucks going 80 in a 60 zone, we push boundaries on new social media tactics and techniques in order to get oversized returns. Since what worked yesterday isn't guaranteed to work tomorrow, our team in L.A., the Valley, Pasadena, and Glendale is constantly testing and learning. As soon as we've found a proven opportunity for our clients, we bring out the methodology way before other more traditional social media agencies can even think to catch up.

Our social media skills were born in Los Angeles

We love L.A. social media

You can’t choose a better city than L.A. to home a social media agency. Whether you start at the Grove and drive over to LACMA — or drive down the PCH during sunset to catch orange light reflecting off the ocean — we love constructing campaigns that give off the same aura and culture as the city we work and live in.

Not sure if you should just focus on a couple of social media channels or re-post on every single one of them? TOP can help you determine where you’ll get the most ROI of money and time.

Wondering if you should incorporate some more premium content into your feed like animation and video? Let us help you weigh the pros and cons.

Need help bringing actual business or sales metrics through social media? We’re able to use emotional triggers in a simple, surprising, and significant way in order to drive your audience to cry, laugh, try, share, and buy.

Are you a B2B company that has a very specific and niche audience? We’ve worked with multiple fresh startups and experienced enterprises in Hollywood Hills, Boyle Heights, South L.A., and WeHo in order to focus on shortening the sales cycle, bringing in new leads, gaining social proof, and influencing influencers.

Why Hire an L.A. Social Media Agency?

No one can help your agency build buzz, social engagement, and in-store traffic like a social media agency based in Los Angeles. We’ve partnered with local businesses, startups, and enterprises in order transform social from something that businesses leave for the interns into an actual driver of future business growth and success. One of the many benefits of our local agency approach is we make sure to take the time to really understand your business. Are your core customers millennials who hit up happy hour on Highland, or new moms and dads and established families in Los Feliz, Woodland Hills, San Fernando, and Topanga?  We create an entire matrix with the target audience you’re trying to reach and map those personas to specific aspects of our social media strategy. TOP is a social media marketing agency that completely discerns every moment of the consumer and customer decision journey.

Using Stackable Content to Scale Social Media

In order to make our content creation process more efficient, effective, and scalable, we’ve made our “Stackable Content” methodology — the process of creating your most important original material and then distilling reimagined and reinvented content from it. The significance of the Stackable Content approach is two-fold: for one, you can save up to 60% on time invested from creating new content by focusing first on your “pillar” material. Two, your content is organically more focused on key brand messages because your pillar content embodies those messages. The fundamentals of the Stackable Content process is solidified in our agency — our L.A. team knows the exact formula for execution — and it frees up our time so that we can focus more on creative execution of your brand vision.

A Los Angeles Social Media Agency That Loves Branding

We use our branding skills in various ways all throughout the social media channel. Not only does your social media need a distinctive unique visual identity true to brand, but it needs to capture the spirit of how you engage with your customers. Is your brand customer-centric and needs a tone that says caring and compassionate? Or is your brand daring and needs to project an image that says cutting edge? We sketch in the tiny details so you can focus on the big picture.

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