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From Uptown to Downtown Dallas, we love engaging social media

Dallas is one of the largest centers of technology, culture, and innovation in the country, so it’s no wonder that channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn have a major presence in this Texas hub. This gives us the opportunity to test, optimize, and scale your social media efforts regardless of follower count, engagement rate, or current paid program initiatives. We have our finger on the pulse of what is next to come for trending viral content, so our team of creative strategists across the globe are ready to act at a moment’s notice.

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The team of TOP social media analysts, content creators, e-commerce experts, community managers, and growth hackers have built successful social media programs from Deep Ellum to Pleasant Grove, but also beyond in Plano, Fort Worth, and across the state of Texas. From creating B2B or B2C social media presences from scratch or optimizing your current strategy, the social media team at TOP knows the best practices to scale quickly. We have the soul of a fast growing Dallas startup with the global resources of an agency responsible for thousands of social media campaigns across the world.

We thrive on defined metrics

When we create a piece of content, we ensure that clear metrics are attached to it to ensure effectiveness and measure success. We've even created our own metrics to determine if your Dallas-based audience is interacting with your audience or if your content is seeded to go viral. In order to optimize, you have to measure.

We have in-house content capabilities

We built our own local content studio to create video projects, animation, stunning visuals, and pithy copy in house and be the content creators that can also activate social media programs to scale. Companies across Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, and Arlington are welcome to use the content studio to create content in any format for any reason.

We work cross-platform

Not every social media platform is made equally. Content doesn't perform the same on each, so it's important to optimize your content to fit the specific social media platform. From Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to Instagram, Pinterest to Snapchat to TikTok to YouTube, we know how to leverage each platform for your brand.

We are early adapters

What worked today may not necessarily work tomorrow. The nature of social media is fleeting, so we push the envelope when it comes to new technologies and techniques and always try to get in early on the next best thing. Our team hails from all over the Dallas-metro area, from Corsicana up to Decatur, and we've identified proven opportunities that time and time again have created success for our clients.

Our social media engine is in Dallas

We love Texas social media

Dallas is the perfect canvas for social media work. A metropolis this large offers a wealth of opportunities, whether you start with the local artistry in the Bishop Arts District and spend some time at Dallas Zoo, or take in the amazing history of the West End and spend some time walking along the Trinity River at Trammell Crow Park, we create campaigns that reflect the electric culture of where we live, work, and play.

We can help you determine a number of things, the first of which being: Do you focus on just a few social media channels, or leverage all of them? Let’s find where you’ll get the most ROI on time and money.

Do you incorporate premium content like video, animation, or elevated graphics? Let’s weigh the pros and cons against your social media budget.

Do you use social media to drive actual business or sales? Let’s use emotional triggers to create simple, surprising, significant content that compels your audience to engage.

From massive B2C conglomerates to B2B startups with niche audiences, we’ve worked with companies at every stage of life from Irving to Grapevine to McKinney. We can laser focus on finding leads, creating social proof, and ultimately garnering sales.

Why Hire a Dallas-Based Social Media Agency?

Nobody knows Dallas better than a Texan, and the team here knows how to grow buzz, audience numbers, and in-store visits through compelling, localized content. From small brick-and-mortars to enterprise-level companies, we’ve transformed social media programs from afterthoughts to must-have marketing functions. A benefit to working with a local agency is our understanding of your specific place in the local marketplace. Is your audience young twenty-somethings that live in Deep Ellum? Or do you need to capture the families of West Dallas or out in suburbs like Grand Prairie, Mesquite, and Sherman? We use all of the resources available to us to create a persona matrix that reflects everyone you’re attempting to reach, then marry those audience personas to our content strategy. We understand the important a social media program plays in your larger customer decision journey.

Scale Social Media Content Creation with Stackable Content

In order to scale the creation of content more effectively, we’ve developed a “Stackable Content” methodology which puts important original material at the top of the funnel, then distills new, shorter form content from that parent piece. The power of this approach is two-fold: First, when you distill new content from that original piece and package it in new ways, you save an incredible amount of time in the creation process. Second, you can more efficiently speak to brand messages and ensure that your content is really working for you. Our entire Dallas-based team knows the precise formula for execution, so we have more time to strategize with you on your brand vision.

A Branding-Forward Social Media Agency

Our social media strategy has deep roots in branding, because your channels need to ladder back to your brand’s individual identity and how that spirit is captured by engaging with your customers. Are you compassionate and caring? Innovative and sleek? We are attention-detailed so you don’t have to be.

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