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From Mountainbrook to Washington Heights, we love Charlotte social media

With a population of almost 1 million people, who for the most part are users of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and more, Charlotte grants the perfect opportunity to test, optimize, and scale your social media endeavors. From expanding your fan or follow count, using your social media for organic engagement, driving sales through a paid social media program, to creating creating the next big viral content, we’re Charlotte’s local team that always thinks strategically, creatively, and globally.

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TOP’s team of content creators, social media analysts, social commerce experts, growth marketers, and community managers are hard at work in order to deliver the success of your Charlotte social media popularity — from Charlotte to Lumberton to Saluda, all over North Carolina, and beyond. If you need help in creating your B2B or B2C social media presence from scratch, or to do a complete redesign in order to significantly increase your social media followers, our social media team knows how to execute the best practices at scale. Though combining the quickness of a new-in-town Charlotte startup mixed with the creativity and strategy of a global reaching agency who has taken initiative on a large amount of social media campaigns all around the world.

We love Charlotte's clear metrics

We make sure that each individual piece of content we create or boost is attached to clear metrics in order to measure their effectiveness — we've even generated our very own metrics in order to gain better insights. Our "Fan Connection Frequency" gives you insight on how much you're on your audience's mind. If you're curious as to whether or not your post can spread at lightening speed, we're able to track its "Viral Velocity". Optimization can't occur without measurements.

We have a Charlotte content studio

We're basically your Lazy Susan of social media skill: everything you need, we serve to you on a platter. This is why we've created our very own local content studio complete with animation, graphic design, copywriting, and video production all in house. Different companies from Charlotte, Soul City, and Lumberton reach out and ask for our services for any social format and any purpose.

We work across platforms

Through optimizing your online content and strategy for every individual social media platform, your company can gain an advantage on competition. Everyone on our Charlotte team has mastered Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tik Tok, YouTube, Reddit, and more and are more than ready to utilize and bend each platform to the will of your brand.

We move faster than NASCAR

We're constantly pushing boundaries on all things social media strategy and tactics in order to guarantee oversized returns. What worked yesterday is not promised to work tomorrow, so our team from Charlotte, Garner, Oak City, and Kannapolis are constantly testing learns. As soon as we identify a proven opportunity for our clients, we ready the methodology before any of the more traditional social media agencies can even think to begin their own process.

Our social media skills were born in Charlotte

We love Charlotte social media

Charlotte is undoubtedly the perfect place for our social media work. Whether you begin in the dense crowds at the Epicentre and explore more of what Uptown has to offer — or start in Plaza Midwood and head southwest over to Dilworth — we love when we get to create campaigns that give off the same culture and energy of the city where we live and work.

Not sure if you should focus on a couple of social media channels or if you should just go ahead and re-post on all of them? Let us help you decide what tactic will get you the most ROI of both money and time.

Thinking about adding premium content to your social media pages such as videos and animation? Allow us to help you weigh out the pros and cons.

If you need help driving business or sales metrics on your social media accounts, we know how to use emotional triggers in a simple, surprising, and significant way that will move your audience to cry, laugh, try, share, or buy.

For B2B companies with specific and niche audiences, we have tons of experience working with startups and global enterprises in NoDa, South End, Washington Heights, and Starmount in order to pinpoint new leads, shortening sales cycles, gaining social proof, and influencing influencers.

Why Hire a Charlotte Social Media Agency?

A local Charlotte social media agency is able to assist your company is building buzz, social engagement, and in-store traffic. Our agency has helped startups, local businesses, and global enterprises transform their social from an afterthought given to the intern to take care of into a main driver of prospective business growth and achievement. Is your key audience millennials who hang out at dog-friendly bars Uptown or new moms, dads, and established families living in suburban areas such as Stele Creek, Chantilly, and Villa Heights? By creating a matrix filled with the key personas you’re trying to reach, we’re able to map them to specified aspects of our social media content strategy. For social media marketing that has full understanding of every aspect of the consumer or customer decision journey, we’re the right place for you.

Using Stackable Content to Scale Social Media

In order to make our content creation process more efficient, effective, and scalable, we have developed our “Stackable Content” methodology which creates reinvented and reimagined content from your most important original material. The cogency of the Stackable Content approach is two-fold: first, you’re able to save up to 60% on time invested in creating new content by instead focusing on your “pillar” material. Second, since your pillar content embodies your brand, your content is organically more focused on key brand messages. The Stackable Content fundamentals are embedded in our agency — our Charlotte team knows the exact formula for success — so it allows us time to focus more on your brand vision’s creative execution.

A Charlotte Social Media Agency That Loves Branding

Our branding skills are pulled out in various ways all throughout the process of growing your social media channel. Not only does your social media need a distinctive visual identity that remains true to your brand, but it also needs to capture the spirit of how you interact with your customers. Is your brand customer-centric with a tone of compassion and caring or are you a bit more daring with an image on the cutting edge? We pay attention to the minor details so you can focus on the bigger picture.

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