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From Back Bay to Brookline, we keep Boston social

One of the most historic yet most modern cities in the country, Boston hosts a massive range of companies looking test, optimize, and outperform their competition on social media. From expanding your follower count, growing organic engagement, driving sales through social media ads, or creating viral content regularly, we’re the Boston-based team that thinks creatively, both here at home and abroad.

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  • Social media community management
  • Social media community growth
  • Social media pay-per-click (PPC)
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  • YouTube content creation
  • Social media e-commerce

The team of TOP social media strategists, content creators, e-commerce experts, community managers, and growth hackers collaborate to ensure success for your local social media presence, from Cape Cod to the South Shore through Western Massachusetts and throughout greater New England. Whether you need to create a presence for your B2B or b2C brand from scratch or grow your existing audience, the social team at TOP knows best practices and how to capitalize on digital trends. We have the hustle of a Boston startup with the creative resources of a global agency that works with clients all over the globe on a daily basis.

We have defined KPIs

Every piece of social media content we create has clear metrics attached to it in order to measure success. In fact, we've developed our own metrics based on a combination of data for more granular measures of effectiveness. "Fan Connection Frequency" tells you if you're top of mind with your audience, where "Viral Velocity" notes if your post spreads at record speed. When you measure, you can optimize.

We have our own content studio

We are content creators with the social media skills to match. Our local content studio allows us the flexibility to produce viral video content, engaging animation, stunning visuals, and snappy copy in house. Companies across New England can work with us to make content in social formats across channels.

We use across platforms

From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn, TikTok to YouTube, Pintrest to Snapchat, you can get a leg up on the competition by optimizing your content and channel strategy to use each platform to its advantage.

We are early adopters

Every day in the social media landscape looks different, so our team from Boston, Waltham, Wrentham, Newton, and Cambridge constantly test and learn, researching new techniques and tactics to get better every day. When we identify a white space for our clients, we optimize that opportunity for our other clients well before other traditional social media agencies can catch up.

We've cornered Boston social media marketing

We love Boston social media

Boston is the perfect canvas for social media efforts. If you take the T from Allston into Kenmore Square and on into Government Center, or you cross a bridge from Cambridge into the heart of some of Boston’s best universities and colleges, we want to find your narrative within the context of conversations happening around Boston, the U.S., and the world.

We’ll help you determine the perfect mix of content, platform, and channel strategies. Should you use select channels, or find ways to use each? We ensure ROI of money, time, and resources.

We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of the types of content to leverage on your channels. Should you invest in higher tier content like video, animation, and and elevated graphics?

We’ll help you use and depict emotional triggers that makes your audience laugh, cry, share, or buy by leveraging simple, surprising, and significant content. Should you use social media to drive business or sales metrics?

From massive B2C companies with tons of visibility to B2B companies with niche audiences, we’ve worked with companies from startup stage to enterprise level all over New England, both in Boston and in other hubs like Providence, Nashua, Burlington, and Hartsford. We’ll laser focus on generating leads, creating social status, and influencing even the biggest influencers.

Why Hire a Boston-based Social Media Agency?

Nobody has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Boston better than Bostonians, so a Boston social media agency can help you generate buzz and engagement online while driving relevance to other marketing channels. From local brick-and-mortars to startups to massive enterprise level companies, we make social media not just an afterthought, but a player in your lineup of successful channels that drive business growth. We understand your local business because we understand Boston. Are you missing out on the younger, urban crowd in Allston? Do you need to corner city-based families in Brookline or Beacon Hill? Or do you need to speak to those outside of Boston city limits in the surrounding suburbs of Weston, Waltham, and Worcester? We create a matrix of personas you’re attempting to reach, then map a social media strategy to fit their needs. We’re a full-suite marketing agency that understands the customer decision journey, particularly how social media fits in to it.

Grow a Stackable Social Media Content Library

In an effort to make content creation efficient, effective, and scalable, we’ve created the “Stackable Content” methodology. It involves creating a piece of original material then distilling additional content pieces from it. Stackable content is a two-tiered approach: First, you’ll save up to 60% on time invested in creating content when you derive from your first “pillar” piece of material. Second, the content is organically focused on key brand messages because the pillar content embodies those messages. The fundamentals of stackable content are known team-wide, so TOP can spend more time focusing on the creative execution of your brand’s social media strategy.

A Boston Social Media Agency Focused on Branding

Our social media efforts don’t stop online. We leverage our branding expertise to create an identity that’s unique to your brand and how you choose to engage with your audience. Is your brand compassionate and kind? Edgy and innovative? We help you create and display your unique identity online.

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