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Having a vibrant and consistent social media presence is no longer a ‘nice to have,’ it is a necessity. Whether you’re a B2B fintech company or a direct-to-consumer CPG brand, a social media that is proactive, responsibly reactive, and filled with creative and useful content is now a given for most consumers across the globe. In fact, having a poor social presence or none at all, raises skepticism about your brand that can derail customers and hurt sales. At TOP, we help our clients thrive on nearly every social media platform through a number of key service options.

  • Social Media Profile Management
  • Social Media Overhaul
  • Community Management
  • Ad Spend Management
  • Content Creation

Social media is far more than tweeting or ‘gramming your favorite lunch. It is a way to create or amplify a narrative through two-way communication with your prospective customers by providing engaging, well-targeted content, and managing relationships with your customers through social platforms. It requires consistency in messaging, unique brand identity, and ever evolving creative content.

At TOP, we operate on every level of the social media marketing ecosphere. From top flight content creation that has customers engaging, liking, sharing, and remembering, to paid advertisements that are guaranteed to find the right audience for your brand, we do it all and then some. We have done social media campaigns for major brands, organized sponsorships for cultural events, created advertising directly related to content launches, and engaged with customers on behalf of the brand over social channels.

Why Hire a Social Media company?

Social media marketing can be deceptively straightforward, and exceptionally easy to do badly. At TOP, we have created and performed social media marketing campaigns, community management, content creation, and analytics for major brands, so we know our way around the block. We are also constant consumers of social media and have seen more than a few brands make a mess of it. We’ve learned from their mistakes and our successes and have built a social creative and executional program that gets results.

How Can Social Media Help My Business?

It is hard to understate the benefits a well-run social media presence can have on a brand. Social media is where people are. They are tweeting, ‘gramming, and TikToking at ever increasing rates every year. Social media platforms offer the opportunity for precise audience targeting and a plethora of content mediums so that the right message can meet the right audience at the right time.

It's Highly Adaptable and Flexible

Unlike many other more traditional marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns are flexible and adaptable, allowing for managers to apply metric analytics in real time to change strategies, adopt new tactics, and ultimately reach a higher retention rate.

Join us in one of our offices for a conversation about how your brand can benefit from a strategic social media marketing plan and get to know TOP and all that we can do for your company.

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