How We Set Brand Messaging Guidelines That Gave A 3rd Party SAAS Company Emotional Appeal

The Business Challenge:

Spinnaker Support came to us with a problem — they were reaching their highly niche audience, but their current website wasn’t converting. They knew that a shiny new website wouldn’t solve their problems — they needed new brand messaging to communicate their highly competitive product benefits.

Case Study:

We took off running with branding for Spinnaker by conducting internal stakeholder interviews as well as social and mass media listening. It became clear that the people behind Spinnaker Support were passionate about their product and the quality service they provided. It also became clear (particularly on Reddit) how much vitriol consumers had for Spinnaker’s competitors, as well as the companies for which they provided third party support. 

We used our findings to craft a brand manifesto which succinctly and holistically captured the value that Spinnaker brings to its partners. This became the key for their messaging as well as Spinnaker’s future user experience — Spinnaker is a trusted partner that works with you to provide customized support. Their future is your future, your success is their success. 

Here’s how we did it — and how other SAAS companies can do it too:

  1. Identify Pain Points

    We used our stakeholder interviews, social and mass media listening to identify five major pain points that potential Spinnaker partners experience. These moments of frustration such as high cost or inexperienced support staff are all solvable by Spinnaker.

  2. Highlight Defining Moments

    TOP calls the moment when a customer’s frustration is solved a ‘defining moment.’ These are the point when Spinnaker partners have the ‘ah-ha’ moment where they realize they made the right choice in third party support. These defining moments help us crystallize the emotional responses that will inform Spinnaker Support’s new, more strategic, customer-first messaging.

  3. Derive Emotional Responses

    How do customers feel when they make the switch to Spinnaker Support? Relived, confident, smart, safe — these are the emotions that potential partners are chasing. Once our emotional responses were finalized, we crafted them into a brand manifesto that crystallized the promise that Spinnaker makes when they sign a new partner. This manifesto informed all of the copy, as well as the user journey, that we brought to the new Spinnaker Support website.

This was more than a technical upgrade. The new Spinnaker website was now perfectly positioned to convert new customers. With TOP, Spinnaker was able to eliminate the disconnect between the technical services they provide, and the positive emotions their customers feel.

And that’s how we do it.