Thought leadership

Let’s show everyone. 41% of executives are more likely to send an RFP to a thought leader. Thought leadership marketing shows the world that you are an expert in your field and that your brand is made up of industry leaders.


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Going beyond the CEO

Thought leadership doesn’t stop at the C-Suite. More than 71% of marketers leverage their internal talent as influencers and thought leaders. Boosting the personal brands of diverse voices within the company expands the number of fields a company can play on.

More than just bylines

Position the experts in your company as authoritative sources for reporters on industry-specific topics to land efficient thought leadership hits. In addition to boosting your marketing efforts, 6 out of 10 employees will volley to defend their employer online boosting your brand reputation.

Eschew gatekeepers via social

Don’t wait for others to recognize your leadership. Thought leaders get their messages into the zeitgeist through in-house content channels and savvy social promotion. Average Facebook users have 338 connections (not to mention other channels like LinkedIn or Twitter), meaning each employee advocate can add mega value to your brand advocacy and social media footprint.

The TOP way


We identify the thought leaders in your company and help them find a voice.


We find the right ways to get your thought leader’s voices out into the conversation.


We fine-tune messages for maximum impact.


Byline placement in major publications.

From niche industry publications to the New York Times, we’ve pitched and placed them all.

Building personal brands from the CEO on down.

Thought leadership reaches beyond the C-Suite. You hired the best in the industry; we help give them a voice.

Identifying and securing speaking opportunities.

From a conference keynote address to a global TED Talk, we can help build your speaking portfolio and secure enthralling engagements for your brand.

Creating in-house content channels that highlight your thought leaders.

From blogs to vlogs to podcasts, we can help set up and promote content channels that get noticed. The right thought leadership content marketing can raise your brand above that of your competitors.

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