Reputation management

No matter how good your product is, how well you advertise, or what market-share you currently have, losing control of your online reputation can have disastrous results for your revenue, growth, and employee recruiting and retainment. A good reputation management agency will help use online reputation management to reach your goals, rather than hinder them.

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A Bad Reputation Can Cost You 10% More

Studies have shown that it costs companies with a bad workplace reputation 10% more to convince top talent to join the company than those with better reputations. And 69% of people would turn down a job at a company with a poor reputation.

87% of executives rate managing reputation risk higher than other strategic risks.

The vast majority of executives say that reputation management is keeping them up nights more than any other strategic risks. Yet just 15% of executives actually do anything about it.

A 1 star increase equals up to 9% revenue growth.

That’s right. With every single rating star hike on a reputable review site, businesses typically see a 5%-9% increase in revenue.

The TOP way


We do a deep dive on your brand reputation to discover the lay of the land and identify ways to build off of what you’re currently doing and improve your reputation overall.


Once we’ve discovered where the problems and opportunities lie, we create a plan to plug the gaps in your reputation management, and grow what’s already working.


We implement a dynamic and nimble plan to improve your online reputation, providing real metrics that can help you to make important business decisions going forward.


SEO Optimization

Reputation management may not seem like an SEO task but online reviews are the second largest factor Google uses to rank local pages. What’s more, businesses that see a 2 star increase on review sites see 25% more clicks on Google.

A comprehensive SEO strategy that includes reputation management will boost your visibility while improving your reputation at the same time.

Social Media Auditing and Strategic Planning

One of the best ways to improve your reputation with customers is to engage them in authentic ways. A comprehensive social media audit and strategic plan will tell you exactly what your customers are saying about your brand and help you engage with them in meaningful ways.

Review Site Response Strategy

From Yelp to Glassdoor, there’s an online review site that will have major impacts to your brand’s goals. We conduct an audit of your brand on these sites, create a strategic plan to improve scores, and help craft the proper responses where necessary.

Thought Leadership PR

Your employees are the heart of your brand. With thought leadership PR we can use their expertise and diverse viewpoints to humanize your brand and endear you to your customers through authentic engagement.