Public affairs

These may be polarized times but there is little doubt that implementing the right public relations and marketing tactics in the name of public policy can still yield great results.

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We love data

The number of Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen X who voted in the midterm elections.

They say it takes three to make a trend, but for the second time in national elections, Americans under age 54 voted more than their Baby Boomer counterparts. If ’16 and ’18 are any indication, expect the electorate to skew younger in 2020.

The Number of Americans Who Think Partisan Relations Will Improve

Yes, the country is more polarized than at any other time in history. It’s critical that your public affairs campaign has the right strategy and execution to break through the narrative driving the current political deadlocks.

The Biggest Spender Has a 6 Percent Increase in Vote Share; But It's Still Not Enough

Yes it matters how much money you spend on your campaign, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that matters. The biggest spender in a campaign usually sees a 6% vote share increase, but that’s not enough to always sway an election. Spending the money the right way counts for just as much as spending it in the first place.

The TOP way


We create unique, data-driven campaigns based on an intersection of PR, digital marketing, and influencer marketing to inject your public policy priorities into conversation.


We use our comprehensive media monitoring abilities to figure out which messages are resonating and which need tweaking in order to get the most attention from the right audiences.


We scale up what’s working based on our own data-drive pr expertise in order to realize huge gains in earned media.


Digital Design

In this era of short attention spans and constant media bombardment, nuanced and complex public policy ideas can easily get lost. Coherent and creative visual story telling through design, video, infographics, and the like, can get your message across at a glance in a time when a glance may be all you get.

Social Media

Engaging with constituents has progressed far beyond glad-handing and kissing babies. These days, you can communicate directly with the public and engage meaningfully on a large scale through smart and competent use of social media.

Data-Driven Advocacy

Whether you’re using the latest GAO report or a flashy new poll, having the data to back up your campaign is critical to being taken seriously and moving the needle in your favor. We can help identify the data you need to make the best case possible and get it into the hands of the right people at the right time to maximize the effect.

Traditional PR

As a top PR agency, we have the chops to land in the New York Times, niche political publications and everything in between.