Media Buying

There are tons of new and exciting ways to get your brand’s message to the masses. TOP is a media buying agency able to find the right message in the right channel and negotiate the best deal for your brand.

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We love data

By 2020, 50% of all internet searches will be done by voice

It is critical that your brand have a media buyer that knows how to maximize your ad purchases on mediums optimized for voice search.

Americans will devote 3.6 hours per day on their mobile phones.

There are a multitude of media channels available through mobile phones and more are being added every year. With 3.6 hours a day being devoted to mobile phone use, with the right media buyer, your brand can capitalize on a ton of opportunities to reach your audience.

The number of minutes per day Americans spend listening to audio on a mobile device.

TV advertising is still a $4 billion business, but audio is quickly gaining market share. As more Americans listen to audio on their phones, knowing the right way to reach your audience and efficiently dominate what they hear will be essential.

The TOP way


Whether it’s TV, radio, social, search or all of the above. We know have the expertise to create a comprehensive media buying strategy that will reach the right audiences at the right price for your brand.


We assess what works well and what works even better and are constantly reevaluating our approach to capitalize on all opportunities.


We scale up the best of the best approaches to maximize your results.


Digital Media Buying and Display/Programmatic Buying

We create strategies and implement programs across the entire digital advertising landscape. From mobile, native, and search, to display, programmatic and remarketing, we have the expertise and experience to find the right avenues for your message.


Traditional Media Buying

Traditional media ain’t dead, in fact, it’s evolving with the times. We are a media buying agency that sits at the intersection of new techniques and old school expertise. Whether you’re looking for print, radio, or TV, we can get you the best bang for your buck.

Online Streaming Buying

Podcast, YouTube and streaming services advertising has come into its own and we’ve got the chops to negotiate the best opportunities for your brand.

Social Media Buying

Facebook? Check. Insta? Check. Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest? You get the point. We’ve done it all and know the best ways to make sure your brand is firing on all social cylinders.