Influencer marketing

An authentic message from a real person is one of the best ways to promote your brand. Working with an influencer marketing agency can help you get the most out of your influencer marketing budget by providing sound strategy and a deep bench of potential influencer partners.

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The rise of the micro influencer

Influencers don’t need 2M followers to make waves. If their 10K followers are your customers, that can lead to authentic reach. In fact, micro-influencers can boast seven times the engagement rate on Instagram as influencers with larger audiences.

The long game of relationships

Brands and influencers are moving away from one-off transactions and looking for deals that make them true brand ambassadors. 84 percent of micro-influencers recommend products or services weekly and almost all of them (99 percent) say they believe in what they promote.

Authentic interactions are key

In today’s marketing landscape, customers are looking for genuine interactions and messages from influencers (regardless of size). These influencers are known for their expertise in sought after topics.

The TOP way


Choosing someone to promote your brand is a serious choice. We’ve helped brands make the right choices over and over again.


Our influencer marketing experts have worked with hundreds of influencers large and small. They know who will work best for your brand.


The results are undeniable. A great influencer can be the authentic voice your brand needs. And we’ve delivered those results time and again.


Influencer Marketing Strategy

Whether you need several micro influencers, one mega influencer or something in between, we can create a plan that reaches all of your goals and implement it from conception to execution.

Creative Oversight and Direction

While authenticity is king, it doesn’t mean that influencers don’t need creative guidance. We know what you need them to say and how you need them to say it and we help them create a product everyone loves.

Relationship Management

Managing a pool of influencers is a big job. We create and maintain great relationships with influencers and keep them interested in working with your brand long-term.

Influencer Identification

The number of influencers available grows every year and the niches get more and more specific. Finding the right influencers with the right audience for your brand is a key component to any influencer marketing strategy.

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