Inbound sales

Inbound sales are a direct result of your marketing. Period. The better your message, the more targeted your reach, and the more relevant your content, the more customers you’ll attract. They will come to you better informed of your company and eager to work with you.

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We love data

More than half of inbound sales strategists know inbound sales drive web traffic.

54% of inbound sales strategists point to the benefit of increased web traffic. It’s an amazing ROI metric that can inform marketing and sales techniques going forward.

69% of Marketing Departments are Prioritizing Leads and Conversions

The goal of your marketing plan should be more than just getting out a great message. It should be converting leads attracted by that message into new customers.

86% of B2B Companies Use Content Marketing for Lead Generation

But they aren’t all doing it well. Align your sales funnel with your content stream for a one-two sales punch sure to get noticed.

The TOP way


We have all the skills and the techniques needed to reach your target audience because we’ve tried and tested every approach under the sun. We know what works, what doesn’t, and are always testing more.


We know that every part of the sales funnel is connected and are constantly iterating and reiterating our techniques to make the most out of every component.


When we hit on something that works, we scale it to maximum effect.


Identifying Audiences

Knowing who to talk to is a major part of any successful marketing and sales campaign. If you’re talking to the wrong audience you’re wasting time and resources. Plus, your customers are going to the competitors who are talking to them.

Content Creation that Resonates

Once you know who your audience is, we can create compelling content in every possible medium to get that message to your customers.

Public Relations as a Sales Tool

Your customers are consuming as much media as you are. Why not let them hear about your brand from the glowing review in a major publication, the op-ed in the trade magazine they trust, or the profile of your dynamic CEO? We do that and more.