Employee engagement

You’ve worked hard to build a company that values inclusion, diversity, and employee satisfaction, and strive every day to live up to those values. Shouldn’t the rest of the world (read: top talent) know that?


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More than half of young workers want meaningful work.

57% of younger Americans report that the most important factor in the choice of work is that it be enjoyable and meaningful.

44% of Workers Want Personal Development and Advancement

Nearly half of American workforce view personal development and career advancement the main reason to choose their current jobs.

Companies With Great Culture, Tech, and Workspace Outperform Others by 400%

Experiential organizations that value culture, tech, and physical workspace (and put their money where their mouth is) outperformed peer companies by more than 400% and have 40% lower turnover.

The TOP way


We do a deep dive on your brand reputation to discover the lay of the land and identify ways to build off of what you’re currently doing and promote your reputation.


Your employees are the heart of your brand. We’ll seek out different ways to promote the culture you’ve worked hard to build in order to attract top talent and keep the rock stars you love from leaving.


We implement a dynamic and nimble plan to improve your online reputation, providing real metrics that can help you to make important business decisions going forward.


Thought Leadership

Your employees are the heart of your brand. They can be the best ambassadors, not just for your brand’s expertise, but for the wonderful culture you’ve worked to build. With thought leadership PR we can use their expertise and diverse viewpoints to humanize your brand and endear you to you top talent through authentic engagement.

Creating in-house content channels that highlight your thought leaders.

Effective and transparent communication is a key component to boosting employee satisfaction. In-house content channels — from blogs to vlogs to podcasts — that highlight your team’s personal and professional accomplishments and your company culture, while keeping everyone abreast of what’s happening from the C-Suite on down is an excellent way to keep morale high.

SEO Optimization

Employee engagement may not seem like an SEO task but no one wants to have a bad Glassdoor review pop up on the first page of your search. Online reviews are the second largest factor Google uses to rank local pages. What’s more, businesses that see a 2 star increase on review sites see 25% more clicks on Google.

A comprehensive SEO strategy that includes reputation management will boost your visibility while improving your reputation at the same time.

Building personal brands from the CEO on down.

Thought leadership reaches beyond the C-Suite. You hired the best in the industry; we help give them a voice. Let them tell the world why your company is the best place to work on Earth, and help raise them up to boost their own careers.