Crowdfunding Marketing

Innovative companies and non-profit causes no longer have to rely on venture capital attention or wealthy philanthropists to get their projects off the ground. Crowdfunding brings your project right to the people, raising much-needed funds and growing a critical pool of fans and customers.

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There are more than 600 crowdfunding platforms worldwide.

And the number is growing. Some platforms are universal while others are designed to raise funds for very specific needs. Hiring a crowdfunding agency that knows the right platform for your crowdfunding campaign can make all the difference.

Most of the World's Population Can Be Micro-Investors

Seventy percent of the world’s population can be classified as “micro-investors” — people who do not possess large amounts of capital but can help fund major projects in aggregate.

Crowdfunding Campaigns That Update Supporters Raise 126% More

Crowdfunding is not a transaction, it’s a relationship. And all good relationships require communication. The numbers don’t lie. The campaigns that are good at keeping supporters updated are the ones that raise the most money.

The TOP way


We create a strategic plan that includes identifying several messages to ascertain which ones speak to your audiences and which ones need work to be spectacular.


We analyze the data and pinpoint the right messages in the right formats that will turn your supporters into life long customers.


We take the best metrics and scale them to reach the most people possible.



As a top crowdfunding agency we identify the right messages for the audiences on the right platforms to ensure your crowdfunding program hits the all-important “fully funded” mark!


Your project may be the best thing since wi-fi but if your message doesn’t resonate with the people who are most likely to fund your project, it doesn’t matter. We create messages and creative assets that get results.

Public Relations

A perfectly placed feature on your project can drive thousands of customers and funders to your crowdfunding campaign. Our extensive PR experience allows us to reach the right reporters at the right time for maximum effect.

Social Media

Social media outreach is the bread and butter for crowdfunding campaigns. We use our expertise to reach out directly to your desired audiences and can use our deep bench of influencers to scale social messages into the stratosphere.