Competitor research

We’re pretty sure Sun Tzu would approve of modern brand competitive research. The first step to knowing how to beat the competition is identifying what they do well, and where their weaknesses lie.

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We love data

A tool for every medium.

There are currently dozens of high quality tools on the market designed to help you listen in on what the competition is doing. From social media, to SEO, to content, to emails and ads, every possible medium is covered. But what they don’t offer is the expertise across all of these areas to know exactly how to act on the data they glean.

Competing on multiple fronts at once.

It’s not enough just to know how your competition operates, how their sales operation is structured, or what how much market share they enjoy. Modern brands are diving deep into their competitors to monitor individual interactions, publications, and earned media.

Engagement is more than a metric.

40% of people follow brands they buy from on social media. So the success of a brand can clearly be measured in many quantitative ways. but there’s more to it than that. Brands are looking deeply at qualitative metrics like the types of engagement their competitors are making in order to find the spaces between where they are and where their customers want them to be.

The TOP way


We look, listen, and identify all of the ways in which your competitor is fitting into the marketplace.


We develop a plan of attack that exploits your competitor’s weaknesses, fills the gaps that they have left open in their own messaging, or even change the playing field to one on which your brand is eminently prepared to dominate.


We bring our considerable marketing and PR assets to bear on a strategic plan for competitive market research based on the most comprehensive data available and our unique marketing and content creation skills.


Social Listening

We access the latest in social listening tools in order to understand exactly the types of things your competition is saying, how it is being received, and whether their online presence is a liability or a boon. Then we seek ways that your brand can do it better.

Mass Media Brand Voice Analysis

In the social age, earned media may seem antiquated, but it carries a massive share of a brand’s voice and the right kind of mass media public relations can work wonders for a brand struggling to get out of a competitors shadow. We scour the mass media landscape to understand who is talking about your competitor, what they are saying, and how we can insert your brand into the conversation in a way that makes your brand stand out.

White Space Analysis

No marketing plan is perfect — every single one has gaps somewhere. We use monitoring tools to identify the gaps in your competitors marketing such as audiences they aren’t talking to, value propositions they are ignoring, or problem areas that can turn into crisis points. Then we seek ways to insert your brand into those gaps, or white spaces, to give you a completely ownable space in which to attract customers and build brand loyalty.

Message Creation and Dissemination

All of the competitive analysis in the world isn’t worth much if you can’t act on it. Once we’ve identified the playing field and a way into the conversation, we put our considerable media capabilities to work delivering a PR and marketing plan to reach all the right audiences, with the right messages, in the right formats.