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Detroit is home to some of the most important, historical, successful corporations in the world. At TOP, our team of SEO experts work tirelessly for Detroit’s modern, renaissance companies with custom campaigns. Whether you need SEO consulting for a single project or a complete overall of your SEO portfolio, we know how to serve your needs and transform your business. No other Detroit SEO company does it better.

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We all know that Detroit is so much more than what our reputation holds. Detroit is an incredible city to start a family, grow a business, and define your place. If you want a thriving company in Detroit, you’ll need to invest in your SEO presence with a Detroit SEO company.

Search engine optimization is a rather simple strategy – to leverage keyword searches to increase traffic and, therefore, generate more leads. That’s why it is critically important for brands to rank at the top of the search engine results. If you are not, then you are losing potential customers to the competition.

We study the Detroit competition

We thoroughly every competitor to gain insight on their site structure, keywords, backlinks and traffic. We then take what works and leave what doesn't.

We build Detroit demand

We create demand from localized, Detroit content that pulls in traffic from search and map listings for place-specific keywords so that we can boost your visibility in specific niche markets. 

We put in the work

We don't just take on quick issues for immediate improvements, we put special attention on proven techniques designed to deliver long-term search performance.

We make content work for you

Detroit put the world on wheels and we'll put your site on them, too. Increased traffic doesn't always equate to more conversions, but our custom content will increase your sales funnel with higher quality inbound leads. 

Our heart and soul is in Detroit

Our Detroit clients? We love 'em all

Detroit sits at the confluence of culture, finance, history, and production to become the unstoppable city that it is. In such a powerful market, it takes a lot to stand apart. That where TOP comes in. Our custom, high-ROI SEO campaigns use the best strategies to make your brand seen. As the best Detroit SEO consultant, we take pride in helping our 313 neighbors succeed and obtain sustainable growth over time.

The one thing we know we’ll never do when it comes to Motorcity search engine optimization is utilize cookie cutter techniques. Stick around long enough and you’ll find Detroit area SEO “experts” who apply quick and dirty (even black-hat or nefarious) strategies to make something happen. We’ve been doing Detroit SEO long enough to know what works and nothing we do will ever harm your business.

Why Hire a Detroit SEO company?

One of the primary benefits of hiring a Detroit SEO agency is that we know how to tackle the necessary technical details to rank your site for the Detroit market. Sure, it may be possible to implement your own SEO strategy, but you’re much more likely to see the results you desire if you hire a professional agency with years of experience.

Brands also need to consider the importance of hiring a local, Detroit company. Search engine optimization is not done at a global scale since most organizations only offer products or services locally. Google understands that and will prioritize certain searches so local businesses rank first.

Local SEO For Detroit Companies

A major benefit of hiring an SEO agency in Detroit is our intimate knowledge of Google Maps Search. If you have a Google MyBusiness account we can help you rank in the rich map snippets of search results, which gives you an upper-hand in capturing leads and customers. We use the same techniques on all our clients that got us to the top of Google for local Detroit SEO companies.

An SEO Agency That Lives In Detroit

When you hire a company in Detroit that excels at search engine optimization, you’re investing in your local SEO footprint. We understand Rock City, its landmarks and semantic, local searches, in ways that non-Detroit companies ever will. Plus, you can visit us in our office at any time to grab a beer or coffee and chat with your account team!

Stop by for a visit. Hop on a free web analysis. Get to know what TOP can do for your company. We’re ready to launch a few more Detroit brands to the top of the search.

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