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SEM strategies that put your Vancouver business in overdrive

From the West End to South Granville, our SEM techniques propel Vancouver companies.

Let us point something out: our city is so widely known for quality of life that there’s even a word for its urban-planning design philosophy: “Vancouverism.” Businesspeople like yourself must be analogously deliberate and strategic to achieve success. And since a client’s spending often begins with a web search, aggressive search-engine marketing (SEM) is the order of the day.

At TOP agency we’re highly trained SEM experts and brand strategists who create and implement intensely focused SEM plans for your campaigns, wielding the experience of a tested global agency. You want a simple rankings boost? A complete overhaul? No worries; we have the local and global expertise to ensure that your Vancouver company thrives.

  • Optimized Content Creation
  • Dayparting/Ad Scheduling
  • Growth Hacking
  • Location and Demographic Targeting
  • Google AdWord Certified

Traffic drives business, and we know the flow of financial traffic here in “The V,” from the amazing talent pool the city nurtures to the droves of potential customers out there in the neighborhoods, in the province, and across Canada. We maximize your “near me” Google searches, attracting the right people for the product or service you offer. We make it our practice to consistently generate amazing numbers of clicks based on the unique aspects of your business, within the scope that’s best for you. We learn the heart of your business and then energize it for public consumption.

The team at TOP will optimize low cost-per-click to implement our brand’s strategies, making your Google rankings skyrocket no matter how narrow or broad your customer target range. We supplement this approach with aggressive blog slants, laser-focus content, and other relevant channels that all add up to one thing: your Vancouver company in the SEM spotlight.

Like an in-house Vancouver SEM agency with a global reach

We love our Vancouver clients!

“Gastown” is a city of dichotomies: the birthplace of Greenpeace, yet the most densely populated city in Canada; the busiest, grittiest freight center in the country, yet a top attractor of genteel tourists. To beat the competition, Vancouver business owners must strike a delicate balance as well.

With TOP’s suite of proven strategies and finger-on-the-pulse measurement techniques, you can reach that greatness. We know it’s imperative that your business excel in search-engine rankings. We possess a deep and broad store of SEM knowledge to draw upon, plus the ability to act on it effectively, bringing you to the top of the results pages locally, nationally, and globally. We maximize your ROI and stay under budget, all while maintaining equilibrium. Partnering with TOP is like having a target-driven SEM department, right in house.

Why hire a Vancouver SEM agency?

We at TOP have had our finger on the pulse of Vancouver online commerce for a long time, gaining a sensitive touch that encompasses local operations from top national firms to indy startups. We sift through all the data to get your website the most possible clicks from any given subset of your audience. Yes, building a strategic and responsive SEM program takes time and skill. You’ll see that we have both.

An SEM agency that lives in Vancouver

When you hire an SEM agency like TOP whose people navigate the same intersections — physical and financial — as you do, you’re working with a trusted partner. We come to know your business, your competition, and your audience, interweaving our knowledge of the local and global online search landscape. TOP is the best at organizing your search terms and ensuring that keyword auctions work out in your favor. Finally, we optimize your other content and marketing streams to work seamlessly with SEM, maximizing both sets of investments.

Search engine marketing for Vancouver companies

We can help your SEM strategy hone in on more narrow, localized approaches. Not all search engine marketing is done at large-scale, and a local agency right here in Vancouver will help you cater your strategy to the audience you’re trying to reach here at home. Google understands that and helps pages more relevant to searchers get the most clicks.

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