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From the halls of academia to the heart of Center City, our SEM techniques propel Philadelphia companies.

Philly is steeped in history and tradition. Aside from being a financial hub, educational center, and home to household names in industry, Philadelphia is a biotech giant on the point of America’s thrust into the future. So how does a company like yours become known and trusted here?

Search-engine marketing is the perfect start. At TOP, we’re SEM experts and brand strategists who create intensely targeted SEM plans for your web campaigns. We implement these plans relentlessly, as only a tested global agency can. From one-off ranking boosts to complete overhauls, we have the local and global expertise to catapult your Philadelphia business.

  • Dayparting/Ad Scheduling
  • Location and Demographic Targeting
  • Google AdWord Certified
  • Growth Hacking
  • Optimized Content Creation

Whether your goal is to create hyper-local campaigns aimed at key customer groups in Philadelphia neighborhoods, or to adopt SEM strategies that work on the national or even the global scale, you’ll want to partner with a Philadelphia SEM firm. At TOP Agency, we analyze your audience and optimize your site to attract the desired traffic, all at a competitive cost per click (CPC). We learn the heart of your business, and then disseminate that knowledge in concrete, measurable terms that will provide better rankings and better revenue streams.

We can also supplement SEM efforts with uniquely slanted web content, blogs, and other subtle channels to maximize effectiveness. Here in Pennsylvania’s largest city and the place of America’s first business school, we’re old hands at orchestrating this entire suite of actions, all adding up to one thing: your Philadelphia company in the SEM spotlight.

Like an in-house Philadelphia SEM agency with a global reach

We love living and working in the City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia is not only a great place to live, it’s also a dynamic location in which to start and grow a company. Look at the local employees of juggernaut businesses like Aramark, Comcast, and Colonial Penn, and you’ll see an amazing talent pool right here at home. Your SEM strategy should be as on point as your business. Partnering with a Philly SEM agency like TOP is the strategic advantage you need to thrive. The market rewards shrewdness and acumen, as we at TOP have seen with Philadelphia companies like yours. Now it’s your turn.

Especially with today’s high web-presence standards, it is important to excel in search-engine rankings. TOP Agency has the deep SEM experience that will bring you to the top of the results pages locally, nationally, and globally, all while maximizing your ROI and staying under budget. Partnering with us is like having an SEM department under your own roof.

Why hire a Philadelphia SEM agency?

One of the major benefits of working with a hometown SEM agency is that we know how to take care of the necessary technical details to rank your website for Philly’s market. We sift through all data to get your website the most possible clicks from any given subset of your audience. Our strategic and responsive SEM program is tried and proven.

Search engine marketing for Philadelphia companies

Our city has grown to soaring status from its Colonial beginnings because merchants here move with deftness and accuracy. You’ve embodied those attributes, and so have we. We provide quick, effective results for you using the same methods that built our own success. When you partner with TOP and see your robust SEM program at work, you’ll know you have what you need.

An SEM agency that lives in Philadelphia

When you hire an SEM agency like TOP whose people navigate the same intersections — physical and financial — as you do, you’re working with a trusted partner. We understand Philadelphia, its rich history, and its people, because this is our home too. We look forward to showing you how our strategies can work in the City of Brotherly Love.

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