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As marketing has transformed with its audience, the visibility of a corporation has been beneficial to those who embraced the change and catastrophic to those who have not. The team at TOP consists of passionate SEM experts dedicated to bringing our clients to the frontlines of innovative and strategic SEM marketing. Our team are masters at developing customized, strategically sound SEM plans for your campaign or ongoing needs and implement them with the experience of a global SEM agency. Whether you’re looking for a one-off boost in your rankings or a complete overhaul of your SEM program, the TOP team has the expertise and experience at the local and global scale to ensure your New York company thrives here and around the world.

  • Dayparting/Ad Scheduling
  • Location and Demographic Targeting
  • Google AdWord Certified
  • Growth Hacking
  • Optimized Content Creation

At TOP, we specialize in optimizing your website for more clicks and creating hyper-local campaigns that attract key customers across New York. Plus, we don’t just work locally! We create unique SEM strategies that work on the local, national, or even global scale to ensure a lower cost-per-click (CPC) and that Google rewards your campaigns with better rankings and drives better results.

TOP is a full-service agency that specializes in SEM, so we can help seed your New York company’s SEM efforts with top-notch content, blogs, and other relevant channels to increase the effectiveness of your paid SEM efforts. Our holistic strategy to SEM has been proven dozens of times over to provide excellent ROI and the results you need to grow your business fast. Search engine marketing has a lot of pieces to it, and it takes a cohesive and experienced team to get you where you want to be. We are your one-stop-shop which means we don’t outsource, we handle your project beginning to end.

Like an In-house New York SEM agency with a global reach

We love our New York clients

As a hub for the world’s arts and entertainment industry and one of the most visited cities on the globe, it can be hard to stand in search engine rankings with all that big city competition. You’ve got to stand out in this concrete jungle and TOP has the experience and expertise you need in order to draw in a crowd. Not only can we help you reach the top of the page locally, but we’ll do it nationally and globally, all while maximizing your ROI and staying within budget.

Partnering with TOP is like having a responsive, in-house SEM department that becomes an extension of your team. We see your vision, share it, and bend our SEM skills toward growing it fast, and strong. Our SEM experts are motivated and passionate about what they do and are thrilled to share their insights and successes with your brand.

Why hire a New York SEM agency?

Hiring a New York-based SEM agency gives you the advantage of a fast-reacting partner within reach who can execute on a global scale. TOP will communicate and sift through the data that will help get your website where it needs to be. Get your website the most possible clicks from any given subset of your unique New York audience with an agency that knows your competition and develops strategies around the local climate in real time. As your New York SEM agency, we work on your schedule and can give you the attention you need to create the most powerful program possible.

Pin-point your New York audience with localized approaches catered specifically to your brand.

Search engine marketing for New York companies

While SEM is not a new-fangled method and can be learned by most, it is more likely that you will not see the results of a company that has done this time and time again and gotten proven results in the process. You need an agency that knows how to skillfully work with the data that will help get your website to the next level.

Search engine marketing requires a lot of upfront effort before you really start to see results. TOP has the knowledge on how to plant the seeds through content, blogs, and other relevant channels before the traffic really starts to pour in. When you buy that traffic and purchase only traffic that will be relevant to you, it is easy to see almost immediate results. We have the proven strategy of doing this a dozen times over, so we know how to avoid spending money unwisely.

An SEM Agency that lives in The Big Apple

With as many musicals, books, tv shows, movies, songs, poetry, and art cultivated in the name New York, nothing really captures the big city as much as just coming here and experiencing it yourself. We believe the same applies to SEM marketing. New York is the most diverse, eclectic, bizarre, and fascinating city in the world. But a huge, yet compact city dense with culture and localized norms makes for a challenging SEM strategy not just anyone can execute. We at TOP are masters at sifting through the data that will help get your website the most possible clicks from any given subset of your audience big or small. Each city is unique with its own atmosphere and culture, and it’s important to understand that when optimizing SEM. We want to hit the right audience every time, and we get that by knowing our city. As your New York SEM agency, we work on your schedule and can give you the attention you need to create the most powerful program possible.

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