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In the largest northern-border city and the second-largest metropolitan area in the Midwest, momentum is key. As Detroit’s economy rebounds, its companies must stay current with search-engine marketing (SEM). In that arena, your goals are our goals.

The team at TOP comprises highly trained and focused SEM experts and brand strategists who create intensely focused SEM plans for your online campaign. We implement these plans wielding the experience of a tested global agency.

Whether you need a simple rankings boost or a complete overhaul, we have the local and global expertise in SEM to ensure that your Detroit company thrives.

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  • Location and Demographic Targeting
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  • Growth Hacking
  • Optimized Content Creation

At the most basic level, a business is nothing without traffic. We at TOP can make your company magnetic in “near me” Google searches, attracting crowds whether you’re a taco stand in Mexicantown or a booming Midtown retailer. We’re known for our effectiveness at generating outstanding numbers of clicks based on the unique aspects of your business, for local, national, and global companies alike. We internalize what sets you apart, and then we make it publicly known, in concrete, measurable terms that will profit you, our client.

The team at TOP will optimize a low cost-per-click to implement our brand’s strategies, making your Google rankings skyrocket no matter how narrow or broad your customer target range. In Motor City, we do this with aggressive blog slants, laser-focus content, and other relevant channels that all add up to one thing: your company in the SEM spotlight.

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We love our Detroit clients

Our fair city is a booming economic center with a strength ideal for merchants and consumers alike. Look at the Fortune 500 companies that make their home here: General Motors, Ally Financial, and DTE Energy all stand for what’s possible. And Detroit is the only U.S. city to have earned UNESCO’s “Design City” title. Living and working here is infinitely rewarding, as proven by our successful partnerships with local companies.

With such a high set of standards today, it is of utmost importance to excel in search-engine rankings. TOP Agency has an array of knowledge coupled with the ability to act on it that can bring you to the top of the results pages locally, nationally, and globally, while maximizing your ROI and staying under budget. Partnering with TOP is like having a responsive, target-driven SEM department of your own.

Why hire a Detroit SEM agency?

We at TOP have had our finger on the pulse of Detroit online commerce for a long time, gaining a sensitive touch that encompasses local operations from top national firms to indy startups. We dig deep and pull up the data that will help get your website the most possible clicks from any given subset of your audience. Yes, building a strategic and responsive SEM program takes time and skill. You’ll see that we have both.

Search engine marketing for Detroit companies

Detroit city is a place of shifting influences and intense competition, where a business must maneuver with deftness and accuracy. You’ve embodied those attributes, and so have we. We move fast. We provide results more quickly and more effectively than any other agency in Detroit — or the world. Having a robust SEM program is top priority, and you won’t have to wait long to see our results. When you partner with TOP, you get everything you need to grow at scale.

An SEM agency that lives in Detroit

When you hire an SEM agency like TOP whose people navigate the same intersections — physical and financial — as you do, you’re working with a trusted partner. We learn your business, your competition, and your audience, interweaving our knowledge of the local and global online search landscape. TOP is the best at organizing your search terms and ensuring that keyword auctions work out in your favor. Finally, we optimize your other content and marketing streams to work seamlessly with SEM, maximizing both sets of investments.

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