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TOP is a leading global SEM agency that top brands trust to scale ROI.

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The team at TOP enjoys working with some of the world’s best brands. We boast a team of SEM experts and incredible brand strategists who are committed to creating customized plans for your campaign or ongoing needs. From one-off projects to an entire overhaul of your current SEM efforts, our team can entirely revamp your business and your online efforts. We are the premier SEM company.

  • Dayparting/Ad Scheduling
  • Location and Demographic Targeting
  • Google AdWord Certified
  • Growth Hacking

At the local, national, or global level, TOP can manage all efforts to optimize your site for more clicks and create hyper-relevant campaigns that attract key buyers. We’ll ensure a lower cost-per-click (CPC) so Google rewards your campaigns and drives better results.

Search engine marketing requires a lot of upfront effort before you really start to see results. TOP has the knowledge on how to plant the seeds through content, blogs, and other relevant channels before the traffic really starts to pour in. When you buy that traffic and purchase only traffic that will be relevant to you, it is easy to see almost immediate results. We have the proven strategy of doing this a dozen times over, so we know how to avoid spending money unwisely.

We increase per-user revenue

Increasing website traffic will only get you so far. We identify the user behavior that leads to revenue and higher ARPU.

We harness the power of search in social

It's no secret that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. We combine social listening with programmatic ads and paid search to deliver exactly what people seek in video form.

We trigger events based on recency and engagement

We reward behavior by reaching people via campaigns that send tailored messages when they take specific actions within your apps.

We help "near me" equal closer to your content

We place strategic localized ads that pull in traffic from search and map listings with paid place-specific keywords to increase your visibility and findability in numerous small markets.

We don't believe in waste

There's nothing more frustrating than throwing time and money at ads that don't perform. We help you remove low-quality or negative keywords, bad location targeting, and inaccurate reporting.

We believe in micro scopes

We love division. We keep breaking down groups of ads and sets so we can optimize for increased relevancy and performance at a micro level. 

Why do you need a SEM agency?

There are a wealth of benefits related to hiring an SEM agency, particularly ones that can sift through the data that will help get your website the most possible clicks from any given subset of your proposed audience. While SEM is not a new-fangled method and can be learned by most, it is more likely that you will not see the results of a company that has done this time and time again and gotten proven results in the process.

A local company, moreover, can help you hone in on more narrow, localized approaches. Not all search engine marketing is done at large-scale, and a local agency in your nearest metropolis or large city can help you cater specifically to a local audience. How? Because we live, work, and play in some of the largest cities in the world. Google understands that and helps pages who are more relevant to searchers get more clicks.

How can SEM help my business?

With companies everywhere vying for visibility — much of that coming from the same eyeballs — it is important to take measures that get you in front of the customers you want and entice them to click. It has never been more important than it is now to advertise online and put ad dollars behind growing your business through search engines, which serve as the largest footprint of digital advertising.

A SEM agency with global influence

When you hire a company that does search engine marketing, you’re investing in your SEM presence both locally and globally. We understand the global search landscape, how to best organize your search terms, and how the auction works in our favor in ways other companies cannot. You can come to any of our global offices, meet the team, enjoy a cup of coffee (or beer — we love both!) and learn about our capabilities.

Let’s get to know one another and discuss how TOP can scale your search engine marketing efforts to drive both on- and offline results.

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