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Our reputation management philosophy

A. We respond fast

We live in a world where stories can go viral in thirty minutes—but they can die just as quickly. We know how to spread stories, and we know how to stamp them out, responding at the speed of news.

B. We build partnerships

TOP Agency works proactively to assemble a network of credible influencers who speak up in your defense when the public debate gets hairy. In other words, we make it easy to get a little help from your friends.

C. We get local

Most local media platforms have local functionality baked in. That means the same story gets told multiple ways, depending on where folks are. We geo-tag our responses, targeting local press who might have an interest in the story and working with them to promote your response.

Our Seattle location

Our Seattle office is in the heart of downtown Seattle, combining proximity to downtown’s bustling commercial center with stunning views of the Cascade Mountains and Elliott Bay. Our location helps us think big while staying focused, protecting every Seattle client’s reputation as if it were our own.

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