220 NW 8th Ave. Portland, OR 97209


Our reputation management philosophy

A. Fast

News travels fast—bad news fastest of all. TOP Agency stays alert day and night, responding to negative press in real time. But we’re more than just a reactive force, we stay proactive by flagging and removing problematic branding before it becomes a problem.

B. Diplomatic

A corporate crisis will swiftly bring critics from the woodwork. That’s why it’s important to build key alliances: so that supportive voices emerge in times of crisis as well. We work to build networks and relationships that act as a safety net when the debate gets messy.

C. Targeted

Two different cities, two different stories. The news may be broadcasted nationally, but it gets digested locally. We counteract bad press on a city by city basis, reaching out to our local connections to tell your side of the story.

Our Portland location

Being close to the ever-popular Pearl District means we’re central to all things Portland—which keeps our finger on the pulse and puts us in an ideal position to monitor and protect your reputation.

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