U.S Social Distancing

Social Distancing in the U.S: Latest Map and Interactions Count

TOP Data is analyzing mobility data to determine the the average number of interactions people have (5 minutes or longer) and the impact on COVID cases.

2020 was like no other year, so was the attitude toward social distancing. The map below compares the average interactions in the U.S counties with the previous year’s interactions.

Year Over Year Change in Social Distancing

Each state has responded to the social distancing protocol differently. These line charts below present the trends of persons to persons contact across each state over the past six weeks. These trends are categorized into three groups- 1) states with no significant change [variation of less than +/- 10%], 2) states with an upward trend of persons to persons contact and 3) states with a downward trend.

Uniform Social Interactions

Increase in Social Interactions

Decrease in Social Interactions

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U.S Social Distancing
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