TOP Data Charity Report

Ranking Of The Most Charitable States

TOP Data used Google Trends to analyze specific search terms in geographical locations to gain some insight into which state populations were looking to help the most and how they were looking to do so. They have released the “Charity Index” to shed some light on this unique moment of solidarity and camaraderie.

  • 1 Massachusetts ranks as the number one most charitable state overall.
  • 3 The top three states searching to donate food are Montanna, Rhode Island, and Minnesota
  • 51 Ranking as the least charitable state is Alaska, with North Dakota and Wyoming just above it.

TOP Data conducted this study between April 5th and May 5th by measuring instances of particular search terms relative to geographical location, and ranked them from 1 – 51. A Charity Index was created that comprised of several search terms centered on donating food, donating blood, and donating masks. Sates were ranked based on their overall Charity Index and their willingness to donate specific items. The rankings are displayed below.

State Ranking

Note: Interactive map and table

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TOP Data Charity Report
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