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Top Restaurants Visited During The Rise Of COVID

Top Data analyzed consumer tracking data as an indicator of visits to Casual Dining Locations.

  • 58% The percentage decrease in traffic that casual dining has seen since the start of the pandemic. This is a much sharper decline than the 30% reduction experienced by fast food restaurants.
  • 15 The number of states in which steakhouse chain Texas Roadhouse is the most popular casual dining destination, more than any other restaurant. Others that are proving popular include Applebees, Chilis, and Olive Garden.
  • $0 The cost of and endless supply of bread in Olive Garden and Texas Roadhouse, the two most popular casual dining restaurants in our COVID-dominated world.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on everything from our work and school schedules to live sports and even the way we greet our friends and neighbors. Not surprisingly, this so-called new normal has also significantly altered American’s dining habits. Earlier this summer, we examined the  re-rise of carhops and the staying power of fast food during a nationwide pandemic. As a follow up, we wanted to see how some of America’s most popular casual dining chains are fairing in each state, as well as how sit down friendly restaurants are performing against their grab and go counterparts.

Fast Food Vs Casual Dining

Top 5 Casual Dining Restaurants Per State

As an aftereffect of the pandemic, businesses are also seen diverting to tactics like influencer marketing, replacing more traditional marketing methods.

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TOP Data Casual Dining Report
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