Siblings Report

The States with the Best (and worst) Sibling Relationships

With ongoing social distancing and quarantine due to COVID-19, millions of siblings have spent more time together than ever, but has it brought them closer?

  • 12% The percentage of Americans who have at least one sibling but wish they were an only child.
  • 36% The percentage of Americans who would rather be the oldest sibling, making it the most popular choice.

Which States Love Their Siblings The Most

Siblings in Massachusetts expressed the most love for their siblings, whereas those in Oregon expressed the least. The full state rankings can be seen on the table below. 


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The Most Desirable Sibling

Being the older sibling is the best option, at least according to Americans, with 36% choosing that as their preferred option, compared to 31% who would rather be the youngest sibling. Being the middle child or an only child was significantly less popular. Interestingly, of those who have at least one sibling, 12% would rather be an only child. 




To compile the 2021 Sibling Relationship Index, the data scientists at TOP Data, a market research firm — surveyed 3,109 American siblings and asked them to define their relationship with their siblings.

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