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Puppy Adoption Up By 34% During COVID-19

The pandemic has led to Americans to seek animal companionship

  • 34% The average year-over-year percentage increase in puppy adoption during the pandemic.

With dramatic lifestyle shifts come dramatic lifestyle choices. The extra time we’ve been spending at home during the pandemic has contributed to a spike in puppy adoption across the country.

Whether it’s to combat feelings of loneliness or just the result of having more free time to invest in caring for a pet, Americans have been turning to puppies for comfort. We analyzed puppy adoption levels prior to and during the pandemic, with the findings revealing a year-over-year increase of 34% in puppy adoption since the COVID-19 outbreak.

The increase in demand has led to many puppies being stolen and resold. Some reports suggest that the number of puppies going missing has increased by as much as 70%

Ranking The Most Puppy-Loving States

We ranked the following states according to the number of people per capita who are looking to adopt a dog. District of Columbia came in as the most puppy-loving state, followed by New Hampshire in second and Oregon in third. Those in Mississippi have shown the least interest in adopting a puppy since the onset of the pandemic.

Top 5 Most Adopted Breeds Per State

Labradors and Chihuahuas are proving to be the most popular breeds, coming on top of almost every state between them.


TOP Data analyzed a dog adoption database of 500,000 adopted dogs, analyzed online adoption data, and surveyed 1,000 dog owners across the U.S.

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