TOP Data Pizza Report

Little Caesars On Top As Pizza Restaurants Suffer

TOP Data analyzed consumer tracking data as an indicator of visits to pizza restaurant locations.

  • 24 The number of states where Little Caesars has been the preferred pizza provider for since the pandemic struck back in March.
  • 20% The reduction in overall visits to Pizza chains since the start of the pandemic.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted just about every element of American life and that includes our pizza-eating habits. We released a report earlier this year revealing that fast food was consistently outperforming traditional sit-down restaurants, and with those findings in mind perhaps it is no surprise that Little Caesars has fared best since COVID-19 struck. The cost-effective approach to dining partnered with minimal human interaction has been at the top of a lot of American’s menus this year and the results from our pizza report indicate that little has changed recently.

Top 5 Pizza Restaurants By State

With aggressive campaigning on the rise using influencer marketing and a number of other tactics, we can expect a rise in numbers in the coming months.

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TOP Data Pizza Report
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