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Little Caesars On Top As Pizza Restaurants Suffer

Who are the winners and losers in the pandemic pizza wars?


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Key Findings

  • Since the spread of COVID on US shores began in mid-March, Little Caesars has been the preferred pizza provider for residents in 24 states. No other pizza place comes close, with Papa John’s leading the way in just nine states and Domino’s in seven.
  • Pizza chains haven’t escaped the pandemic, with overall visits down by 20%. Little Caesars, despite being the most popular restaurant, has still seen a 6% reduction in visits.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted just about every element of American life and that includes our pizza-eating habits. We released a report earlier this year revealing that fast food was consistently outperforming traditional sit-down restaurants, and with those findings in mind perhaps it is no surprise that Little Caesars has fared best since COVID-19 struck. The cost-effective approach to dining partnered with minimal human interaction has been at the top of a lot of American’s menus this year and the results from our pizza report indicate that little has changed recently.

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