Pandemic Pets

Dog’s Can Be Officially Crowned America’s Best Friend

With National Dog Day coming up, we surveyed Americans to understand our relationship with our pets.

  • 45% The percentage of Americans that own a dog, making it the most popular pet in the country.
  • 15% The percentage of people who let their pet sleep in their bed with them.
  • 44% The percentage of people who’d rather cuddle with their pet than their partner.
  • 67% The percentage of households in the U.S. who own a pet

Pets make up part of the fabric of America. A source of joy, companionship, and love, they have become embedded in everyday family life In millions of households throughout the country. For National Dog Day, we wanted to take a deeper look into what pets mean to Americans and how we like to treat them.

Dogs can officially be crowned America’s favorite pet with our analysis revealing that 45% of people own one. Cats came second with an ownership rate of 30%, and fish were third on 9%. Perhaps the most obscure, and arguably most terrifying, pet to make the shortlist was a tarantula, with the hairy spiders ranking tenth overall.

The Top 5 Ways To Show Love

As a nation we’re pretty fond of our pets, but how do we express that warm, fuzzy feeling that they give us? With treats, that’s how. Giving a special treat was the most popular way for Americans to show love to their pets. Other popular options included saying “I love you” and allowing them to sleep in the bed.


We surveyed 3,205 Americans asking detailed questions about their pets, how they treat them, and how they feel about them, before analyzing the results.

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Pandemic Pets
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