Pancake Report

America is Eating 14% More Pancakes Since the Pandemic Started

TOP Data conducted a survey to determine America's increased appetite during the pandemic and the most pancake-loving states.

  • 14% Increase in Pancake consumption since pandemic
  • 2% Americans hate pancakes
  • 1 in 2 Americans eat pancakes

While we were staying at home more and cooking, American’s preferred pancakes for breakfast as a favorite during the pandemic by 14% increase in consumption. Maple syrup, butter, coupled with multiple toppings and flavors, makes pancakes even more loveable. So far, only 2% American’s hate pancakes.

Vermont tops the rankings as the state that loves pancakes the most, followed by Hawaii in second and Oregon in third. It seems that southern states are not big fans of pancakes, Louisiana has ranked last. West Virginia and Mississippi also did not pass the love test for pancakes.

Pancake Insights

The slippery road of maple syrup got us to dig more, and we discovered that 59% Americans love pancakes. Hawaii loved Buttermilk pancakes more than any other state, Indiana’s favorite is Blueberry while Wisconsin just can’t get enough of Chocolate Chip pancakes.

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